For nearly a decade, Tom and Krista Sewell have operated Candy & Stuff in historic downtown Farmland. As the year turned, the long-time Farmland business entered a new chapter. Fans of the shop need not worry, new owners Brad and Anita Clott intend to keep the store pretty much as is. “We’re going to rearrange things a little to make it easier for customers to see what we have,” said Clott. “But we still have pretty much the same types of items customers are familiar with,” he added.

Prior to the Sewells, the shop had operated as the Farmland General Store under the ownership of Mike Hubbard, Brad’s uncle. Brad is going back to this name. “I want to keep this like the old time general store,” he said. “Customers can find all sorts of things here,” he added. 

The shop at 113 North Main Street in Farmland has a long history with the Hubbard family. On April 17, 1913, Oscar Solomon Hubbard purchased lots 47 & 48 in Farmland, Randolph County, Indiana for $1,800 where he developed the original Hubbard’s Garage. Oscar and his son John Smith Hubbard developed a unique “Wrecker with an Anchor” which led to formation of The Hubbard Manufacturing Company, Inc.  A 1939 Ford truck with a Hubbard Wrecker in the back is prominently displayed near some historic photos depicting the history of the building.

The Farmland General Store is family-owned and operated. Brad and Anita are the parents of twin daughters Paige and Payton, Freshmen at Winchester Community High School. “They’ll be helping out here at the shop when school is out,” said Clott.

The shop has almost any candy that one might want. “If you’re looking for a certain kind of candy, and we don’t have it, there is a pretty good chance that we can get it for you,” said Brad. We have dark chocolates, milk chocolates, old fashioned rock candy, and almost every flavor of Jelly Belly,” said Clott. “We also have about 50 varieties of coffee that we can grind for you,” he added. “We have many kinds of tea, and several types of popcorn as well as different kinds of pickles.” 

“We’ve had a lot of grandparents here with their grandchildren. The kids seem to gravitate towards the candies that come with a toy. Then the grandparents spot something that sparks a memory and ask the kids to try something that they fondly remember from their youth,” said Brad’s mother-in-law Mary who was helping him out when I visited.

For those with less of a sweet tooth, the Farmland General Store also has numerous candles and decorative items to display the candles, John Deere and Coca-Cola items, Hot Wheels, antique metal signs, and other assorted items. In the Spring, they plan on selling seeds for gardening, and flowers such as geraniums. Later in the year they should have mums as well.

“I want to keep this going,” said Clott. “ I look forward to meeting my customers both old and new,” he added. “We get in a new shipment of candy about twice a month, and can get just about anything a customer might want. This is a great place to stop in with the family. We try to have something for everyone,” he continued. 

The Farmland General Store is closed on Sunday and Monday. It is open from 10:00 AM until at least 3:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. “If business is good, I’ll stick around until 5:00 PM. Customers can also follow us on Facebook where they can find out about our specials,” said Clott.

So if you’re in the mood for some candy, or just feel like taking a little step back in time to the days of the old fashioned general store, make a stop in historic downtown Farmland and check them out. You may just find that item you didn’t know you were looking for. Your sweet tooth will certainly thank you.

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