Today at 5:00 PM at Randolph Eastern School Corporation, a meeting will be held to discuss and vote on the proposed renovation projects at the school. These projects have been quite controversial due to their impact upon the taxes of individuals in not only Union City, but Jackson and Wayne townships as well.

As 65% of the students at Northside Elementary receive some type of small group instruction, the school needs more space that can be devoted to this style of instruction. It is believed that children learn better when they are instructed in small groups allowing the teacher more time with each student. The renovation project will address these needs and make use of unused space in an unsightly courtyard.

The second part of the project involves renovating the libraries to make them more friendly and comfortable. “Think of it kind of like a VCR, while it is still functional, it is no longer the most practical way of watching a movie,” explained Superintendent Aaron Black. 

The third part of the proposed project involves renovating the vocational wing of the school to allow the agriculture, computer science, and technology programs more room to work together on projects and easier access to outside areas for larger projects. This will help students to be better prepared for the current needs of the workforce environment when they graduate.

All of these projects have a price tag of around $6,000,000. The payments of this will be spread out over a 20-year period and will have an impact upon the taxes of the above mentioned areas. This impact will vary depending on what each taxpayer owns. Those who wish to learn more and voice their concerns should attend this meeting to make sure that their voice is heard.

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