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County champions Monroe Central and Winchester led the 2022 All-Randolph County tournament it was announced Tuesday by the Randolph County Athletic Association.

On the boys side, Monroe Central’s Jackson Ullom, Josiah Ullom and Luke Jones were named to the team with Cole Munchel picked as an honorable mention. Others selected to the team included Rylan Mote and Antoni Velasquez from Union City with Connor Walser as honorable mention; Quorbin McDavid and Quentin McDavid from Randolph Southern with Joseph Burke honorable mention;  Gage Patterson and Brooks Burelison from Winchester with Mason Barker honorable mention, and Braydon Adams of Union with Danny Burris as honorable mention.

On the girls’ side, Winchester’s Caitlyn Campbell, Taylor Hicks and Morgan Lawrence were named to the team with Gena Moore picked as honorable mention; Mariah Claywell and Emily Livingston from Union City with Oaklee Reichard picked as honorable mention; Macy Shinn and Kimber Abshear of Monroe Central with Addy Puckett picked as honorable mention; Honor Ellis and Taryn Armour of Union with Zoe Ogden honorable mention and Brianna Smith of Randolph Southern with Colleen Ledbetter picked as honorable mention.

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