‘Clerks III’

115 minutes | Rated R

After over a decade, filmmaker Kevin Smith ends his trilogy. Smith burst onto the independent film scene in the 1990’s with his black and white film featuring his friends from New Jersey and the lives of two clerks at a convenience store. The film also introduced the characters of Jay and Silent Bob to audiences. A decade later he revisited his Jersey pals in Clerks II.

Now he concludes the tale in Clerks III. 15 years ago, Dante and Randall purchased the Quick Stop. Jay and Silent Bob have taken over the closed video store next door and are running it as a marijuana dispensary. Dante is still grieving over the death of Becky, played by Rosario Dawson, and his unborn child. 

Their friend Elias who works at the store and his friend are Christians and want to sell their kites in the store. Randall is giving them a hard time and questioning what sort of person would buy a kite with an image of Christ on it, when he suffers a massive heart attack.

At the hospital, Randall learns that only 20 percent of patients survive a “Widowmaker” heart attack such as the one he had. He decides to refocus his life and make the movie he has always wanted to make. Elias, believing his faith led to Randall’s heart attack, renounces God and begins worshiping Satan.

Hilarity then ensues as Randall hires Dante as a producer and gets all of his friends involved in making the movie.

“Clerks III” is a really funny movie, however it is most certainly not for everyone. There is quite a bit of rude and objectionable content that warrants the R rating. This one is better left to older teens and adults. 

There are also some deeper things going on here in addition to the comedy. While Jay and Silent Bob remain relatively oblivious to what is going on around them, Dante and Randall both face their impending mortality. Faith in the face of that mortality is touched upon with the character of Elias and his crisis of Faith. There are several cameos of Smith’s famous friends to keep an eye out for as well. The ending may also be a shocker for fans as well.

The film also begins with an introduction by Smith reflecting on the previous films and concludes with some behind the scenes footage and a sort of a making of feature. Something that is usually absent from films in the theater.

I rate “Clerks III” three out of five VHS boxes.

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