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Dr. Kenneth Sowinski

As of Tuesday 2/23/2021 the county has had a total of 2,300 cases of Covid-19, with 76 deaths and 2,217 recoveries.  At the time of this writing there are seven active cases in the county.

Between immunity from persons who have had Covid-19 and immunity from the more than 3,800 persons with at least one immunization we have seen a dramatic reduction in Covid-19 cases. I thank everyone who has done their part with masking, distancing, and diligence in preventing Covid spread. Your contributions are paying off!

On Wednesday, we will be “Blue” by ISDH County metrics indicating low levels of community spread.  The local positivity rates are below 5% and our case rate is well below 100 cases/100,000 for the week. If we remain Blue two weeks in a row, our advisory level will also drop to Blue.

Eligibility for Covid vaccine has been expanded to age 60 and over.  The State will have a mobile clinic here on Feb. 25-27 at the Fairgrounds from 8 am-8 pm and if you are eligible, you can sign-up at ourshot.in.gov.  The State has also announced that persons who work in Indiana but reside in another state will no longer be eligible to receive Covid vaccine in Indiana.

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