Most people may not realize that there’s more high school winter sports than basketball and wrestling.

Take for instance, swimming, indoor style of course.

While none of our schools in Randolph County have full-fledged swim teams, there are a couple of swimmers who compete in Jay County’s program. And they acquit themselves quite well in the pool.

Winchester senior Ella Baldwin, competing as a Falcon, places near the top in most meets. On Saturday she compete in the Jay County Invitational and placed fourth out of 34 swimmers in the 200-meter individual medley. She was also fourth out of 12 swimmers in the 100-meter Butterfly event.

Union City’s Elly O’Connor is just a freshman and is doing quite well, establishing a person record and joining the 50 second club after placing third in the 100-meter freestyle at Jay County. She also placed eighth overall in the 200 individual medley.

Elly sister Emily, a senior at Union City, also does quite well in competition but could not compete on Saturday due to an illness. Expect her back in the pool soon.

The News-Gazette will try to keep our readers posted on how our three local swimmers fare as the season gets closer to the sectional.