Dustin Ray Mullens, 22, of Winchester

Charges have been filed against, Dustin Ray Mullens, 22, of Winchester resulting from an incident that occurred in late August. Charges have been filed in Randolph County Superior Court against Mullens on two counts stemming from a domestic violence incident that occurred in Winchester.

According to a police report, Officer Nathaniel Detro, of the Winchester Police Department, arrived at the scene after a call was placed to authorities claiming Mullens had committed battery. Upon arriving Detro spoke to Maya Daggett who had visible signs of bruising around the left eye and neck allegedly from Mullens.

Daggett stated that she went with Mullens to the residence at 630 W. North Street in Winchester to retrieve her belongings on the evening of August 25th. Throughout the evening up to midnight Mullens confined Daggett in his residence.

Reports state that he look her phone and would not allow her to call anyone and even locked her in the bathroom for approximately 20 minutes. On August 26, Mullens eventually allowed Daggett to leave the residence.

Officer Detro inquired about the bruising on the victim. Daggett claims that both herself and Mullens were in a vehicle together and Mullens hit her with an open palm. Other bruising was found on Daggett’s hands and was explained that they resulted from Daggett trying to hit the window in an attempt to get attention for help.

When asked about the bruising found on her neck, Daggett claimed Mullens had done those as well and that she could not breath at the time he was doing it and believed that Mullens was going to kill her.

After Mullens released Daggett from the residence on W. North Street, Daggett claims Mullens followed her to her residence and violated a no trespass order at 601 E. 4th Street in Winchester. Previously, on June 27, Mullens was ordered to no longer visit Heather Park Apartments and signed a no trespass order resulting in him being banned from the location.

After hearing the information from Daggett, Detro asked and was advised by Daggett that she wanted to file a battery affidavit in regards to the incident.

After speaking with Daggett, Detro began to locate Mullens by going to his place of employment and his residence but the subject could not readily be located. Upon communication with Officer Fodrea, of the Winchester Police Department, advised that Mullens was in fact at work but driving a different vehicle than normal. Both Detro and Fodrea arrived at the place of employment and asked to speak to the subject. Upon confronting Mullens, Detro took Mullens outside his place of employment and placed him in handcuffs and under arrest for multiple charges including, domestic battery, criminal confinement and strangulation.

Mullens recounts a different story stating that Daggett had originally struck him in an infected tooth area in his jaw. Mullens was taken into custody and transported to Randolph County Jail where he is awaiting further court appearances.

Charges pending against Mullens are Count 1: Strangulation, a level 6 felony and Count 2: Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury, a Class A Misdemeanor.