The NG

    A Winchester businessman wants the city council to assist financially with improvements to a towing and car sale business valued at more than $100,000.

    Richard Waters, general manager for Sanders’ Service, Towing & Recovery, 210. N. Main St., said the business owns a lot at 119 W. Martin St. where impounded cars are stored. Waters said he would like to have the lot fenced in, and he wants to acquire the lot adjacent to that address. “That would make the whole corners ours,” Waters told the council. “It’s just a small piece of land the city owns.”

    Waters said a fence for the entire parcel (including the city-owned lot) is estimated to cost $13,600.

    Waters continued by stating the business is also planning to remodel the 210 N. Main St. building with new exterior paint and a new roof. Waters said roof replacement is estimated at $42,000.

    Finally, he said the former Sunoco gas station across the street will have new glass installed and the building repainted in the original Sunoco color scheme. That site will be home to a car lot for retail sales.

    Waters told the council his business is in the process of having impounded cars sent to a crusher off site. “We want to get this downtown area cleaned up, fixed up and looking nice. We’re asking for some help to do that.”

    He said the business was looking at spending more than $100,000 on the three properties.

    If the city can assist the business financially, such as with a forgivable loan, Waters said the fence would be the first project. Otherwise, the roof would be the priority.

    Council President Tom Sells said the land would likely need to be surveyed. “We’ll talk to you about it some more,” Sells told Waters.

    Council member Ron Loyd suggested a written proposal be submitted by the business, including what kind of assistance is being sought.

    In other business, tax abatement for TOA LLC, on the city’s west side advanced.

    By a vote of 3-1, council voted to extend a three-year tax abatement for equipment valued at $1.5 million. Sells voted against the proposal because he favors a five-year abatement.

    TOA will receive 100 percent abatement the first year; 50 percent the second and 10 percent the third year.

    Abatement could be discussed during the council’s next meeting at 6:30 p.m. June 17.