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Joy Addington, Aaron Wallace take top honors

    Joy Addington led a trio of Wick’s Pies pickleballers and helped her team hold down a tie for first place after the opening event of the 2019 Randolph County YMCA Corporate Challenge.

    The YMCA was tied for Wick’s Pies with 15 points after one event after three pickleballers had top five finishes.

    Both Mrs. Wick’s and the YMCA tied with 39 total pickleball points.

    With six teams scoring points in the event, third place is held down by perennial Corporate Challenge power Ohio Valley Gas, followed by Frank Miller Lumber Company, Ardaugh Group and Silver Towne L.P, all with past success in the Y’s summer signature event.

    Aaron Wallace of Ohio Valley Gas was tops for the males in the event, Rory Helms was fourth for OVG and Conan Wallace added some points with a tie for ninth place. Drew Lovern of the YMCA was second in the make division and Mike Addington was third for Wick’s Pies.

    After Addington in the Female Division was Susie Fulk for the YMCA and Danielle Reichard for Frank Miller Lumber.

    Euchre is on the agenda next and takes place tonight at the Winchester Community High School commons.

Randolph County YMCA

2019 Corporate Challenge Results

Pickleball Results

Female Division Results

1st place 15 pts    Wick’s Pies – Joy Addington

2nd place 14 pts    YMCA – Susie Fulk

3rd place 13 pts    Frank Miller Lumber – Danielle Reichard

4th place 12 pts    Silver Towne – Nikki Cox

5th place 11 pts    Ardagh – Hayleigh Fuller

Male Division Results

1st place 15 pts    Ohio Valley Gas – Aaron Wallace

2nd place 14 pts    YMCA – Drew Lovern

3rd place 13 pts    Wick’s Pies – Mike Addington

4th place 12 pts    OVG – Rory Helms

5th place 11 pts    Wick’s Pies – Dylan Wickersham

5th place 11 pts    YMCA – Gary Fulk

7th place   9 pts    Ardagh – Levi Fuller

7th place   9 pts    Frank Miller Lumber – Wayne Suddarth

9th place   7 pts    Silver Towne – Eric Walker

9th place   7 pts    OVG – Conan Wallace

Overall Points Won in Pickleball Event

and Current Standings

1st place 15 pts    Wick’s Pies, INC. (39 pts)

1st place 15 pts    Randolph County Y (39 pts)

3rd place 13 pts    Ohio Valley Gas Corporation (34 pts)

4th place 12 pts    Frank Miller Lumber (22 pts)

5th place 11 pts    Ardagh Group (20 pts)

6th place 10 pts    Silver Towne L.P. (19 pts)