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Dustin Shannon

In continuing to bring our readers new and interesting information about your friends and neighbors, we are presenting our “What’s Your Story” series. This is a Q & A panel of 20 questions that we ask Randolph County Residents. The information is fun facts and good advice from them on various topics. We are interested in seeing what we can learn about our readers in 20 questions! Hope you enjoy! If you would like to submit your story, send an email request to: newsgazettefeatures@gmail.com.

Featured this week is: Dustin Shannon from Winchester.

Occupation: Social Studies and Journalism Teacher at WCHS, among others.

1. Tell us about your family – spouse, children, grandchildren, pets, etc.

  I am unmarried with no children (unless you count my students!)


2. What is your occupation?

I am an educator. I currently teach Social Studies and Journalism at Winchester Community High School. Additionally, I am the Manager and Projectionist at Hummel Drive In. I also work at Haines Hallmark and Mrs. Coe’s Noodles.

3. How many jobs have you had?

     In high school, I worked for an abstract business, gathering information in the courthouse.  Then, after I graduated high school, I started substitute teaching. I spent a year at Jay County High School doing my student teaching and then a long term sub. Also while at college, I worked as needed at Cook & Shannon Building Supply, my family’s hardware store.  

4. Other than your family members, who in your life do you most admire?

     It sounds cliche coming from a teacher, but honestly, my students. Each and every one of them come in every day with different experiences, different skills, different issues and problems, and different concerns. For some it’s a concern regarding what their next Netflix binge will be while for others its wondering what they will eat when they get home, or if the power will be on. But they come to school, push through all of the static and noise from the outside world and push themselves to be better. I’m lucky enough to help them along the way. Their resilience and determination are inspiring. 

5. If you could change the world, what would be your first move?

World Peace! HA!  I think I would use my world changing power to get people to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them. I don’t mean that rudely, but it seems like everyone has forgotten how to exist with others, forgotten that two people can disagree about something and not hate each other. In my classes, we often find ourselves discussing events and issues, and my number one rule is every point is valid. That doesn’t mean you won’t be questioned and asked to support your position, but just because it might differ from someone else doesn’t make you right and them wrong.  

6. What is your best advice for someone to experience happiness?

Look for the good in everything. (I’m not sure, Im still working on figuring that out!)

7. You just won millions in the lottery. What will you do with the winnings?

Take a non-working vacation! I often travel with students taking them all over the world, and I absolutely love that. But, it might be nice to go away when I’m not “on the clock.”

8. What are 3 things remaining on your bucket list?

I’m honestly not sure where to begin …

9. What is the best technological invention from the 1950’s forward?

The smart phone. The world is literally at my fingertips, how cool is that?!?!

10. What is something that very few people know about you?

I’ve traveled to 7 other countries in the last 4 years.


11. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Being asked questions first thing in the morning. Honesty, I would prefer not to do any talking for a while, but I really hate questions. I am not a morning person. 

12. What is your favorite memory?

Really, any time I’ve taken students on a field trip. The look of wonder and amazement.  I guess the best example was the look on the faces of my students when they walked into the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles in France. I had been there on a training tour a few months prior, so I was able to experience it for myself, I was in awe. Each part of the palace seemed more and more grand, and then you walk through those doors and its just beautiful.  When I was back with students, I knew what was coming up, so I made sure I was in front of them so I could watch them walk through those doors and experience it as I had. It was pretty awesome!

13. If you found a time machine that would take you back for one day, when would that be? Why?

This is a horrible question to ask a History Teacher! There are simply too many to choose from.

14. What is the biggest misconception about you?

Well, if you were to ask this with my students in mind, I would say my age.  They either think that I’m super old or super young. 


15. What is your favorite place to dine within the boundaries of Randolph County?

Oh my, so many. I suppose I should say that I would have lunch at Coe’s Noodles, with a Vanilla Coke at Haines later, and then that evening enjoy the concession stand at the Drive-In! HA! But, Pizza House is probably my absolute favorite.

16. Have you always lived in the Randolph County area? If not where else?

Yes, I was born in Portland, but I have always lived in Randolph County.

17. Your biggest contribution to society?

As a teacher, I believe that contributing to the development of our youth is my biggest contribution. I have served the community in other roles as well. I was on the Board of Directors of the Winchester Area Chamber of Commerce, President of the United Way of Randolph County (both organizations have since re-envisioned themselves into new forms that better serve the community). I was also on Randolph County’s Committee for Indiana’s Bicentennial as well as Winchester and Randolph County’s Bicentennial Committee.

18. Most important rule in life?

I challenge my kids to “be just a little bit better today than they were yesterday.”

19. Biggest “Game Changer” in your life?

I don’t know that I’ve had a huge “ah ha” moment yet. Of course, I’ve had numerous inspirations in life from family members to teachers. Walking into my first classroom was a significant moment. One that I had worked so hard to get to, and one that didn’t disappoint.


20. Will you retire from your current job?

I honestly have no idea.

Five Fun Facts:

Can you dance?

Not well.

Dream vacation?

A tour of Europe visiting all of the major sites of history. I enjoy “standing in the footsteps of history” as it were.  Being where great or significant things happened.

Favorite food?

American.  I’m pretty fond of a hamburger, french fries, and a chocolate milkshake!

Dream car?

I’m really not a car guy .... in general, I prefer a truck or SUV but I wouldn’t say that I have a “dream car.”  It’s Indiana, so something with 4 wheel drive! HA! 

Favorite type of music?

I like almost everything, but, Pop is probably the frontrunner.

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