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    When you are playing in a golf scramble, there can be only one team winner. So when three teams tied at 17-under par at the Randolph County YMCA Open at the Winchester Golf Club, a winner was determined by a tiebreaker.

    “We had to go to a blind draw to see what hole we had to back it up from and hole number seven was drawn, so that’s where we started,” said WGC pro Erik Mikels.

    Based on that tiebreaking method, the winning foursome proved to be Randy Cates, Jake Combs, Roger Logan and Kristin Cox, who won the top prize from the event, a $300 gift certificate from the pro shop.

    Also finishing at 17-under were one group of Al Whitesel, Cathie Burton, Shelly Shafer and Hank Basler, and another foursome that consisted of Tim Passmore, Jerry Logan, Tim Price and Steve Chalfant.

    Nineteen team competed in the annual event, totaling 76 golfers, and all received goody bags. Some won bigger prizes, such as Cathie Burton, who had the Long Drive on hole number 1 and Willie Eviston, who had the long drive on hole number 12. Karissa Owens won the Closest to the Pin Award on hole number 9.

Randolph County YMCA Open

1st - Randy Cates, Jake Combs, Roger Logan, Kristin Cox        -17

2nd - Al Whitesell, Cathie Burton, Shelly Shafer, Hank Basler       -17

3rd - Tim Passmore, Jerry Logan, Tim Price, Steve Chalfant      -17

4th - Aaron Shewman, Chase Thomas, Jesse Owens, Karissa Owens      -16

5th - Mark Todd, Larry Mosier, Todd Lee, Darryl Greene         -16

6th - Mike Childress, Randy Newton, Ron Edwards, Don Tisman       -15

7th - Tanner Cates, Willie Eviston, Gentry Patterson, Connor Shore    -14

8th - Kelly White, Brad Gard, Dean Moland, Brian Hollowell    -13

9th - Brandan Zigler, Jamie Cole, Larry Warren, Jeff Conner    -12

10th - Zach White, Jeff Henry, Jordan Patterson, Travis Mayfield       -11

11th - Rory Helms, Jamie Pegg, Alex Pegg, Becca Chamberlin       -11

12th - Dave Miller, Bonnie Miller, Justin Sharp, Scott Schultz       -10

13th - Tom Byrum, Rick Weigand, Kevin Oakerson, Mike Wales       -9

14th - Steve James, Wayne Suddarth, Jack Baughn, Andy Study       -9

15th - Daniel Sheets, Brandon Monk, Rick Smith, Jordan Stuckey        -8

16th - Brad Miller, Angie Miller, Arick Miller, Brent Campbell       -7

17th - Logan Garza, Delaney Miller, Ellie Miller, Mitchel Honious       -6

18th - Jeff Painter, Bill Dartt, Rob Bowen, Brian McEldowney       -2

19th - Paul Faddis, Shawn Faddis, Austin Myers, Grant Gough       -1

Long Drive #1 - Cathie Burton

Long Drive #12 - Willie Eviston

Closest to Pin #9 - Karissa Owens