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The Jamman Bros. Band are, from left to right: Doug Younts, drums; Tony Fouse, vocals and guitar; Larry Foudray, guitar; Brian Pogue, guitar; and Wayne Bradburn, bass guitar.

Those who were here to experience the local music scene in the 1980’s are in for a treat. The Jamman Bros. Band, one of the most popular local bands from the late 70’s well into the 1990’s will reunite for a show on Saturday, November 23 at the Moose Lodge in Winchester. Butch Goodhew will start the evening’s music off at 8:00 PM and the reunited Jamman Bros. will take the stage around 9:30 or 10:00 PM.

In the last few months, the band has played for around 45 minutes or so at a handful of benefits. They appeared with Goodhew, Levi Driskell, and Fully Loaded at the Winchester Moose. About a month ago, one of their friends had a benefit for his brother who had passed away and asked them to play for it. They had a great time and good response from the crowd. People began to ask them, “Why don’t you play again?”

Bassist Wayne Bradburn thought, “Why not. Let’s do it again.” Everyone else was also up for it which led to the upcoming show. The band’s current line-up consists of Bradburn on Bass, Doug Younts on drums, Larry Foudray on guitar, Tony Fouse on vocals and guitar, and new guitarist Brian Pogue, Bradburn’s nephew who played with Fully Loaded.

“Wayne had just married my aunt when I was about 14,” said Pogue. “I tagged along with him to some of the practices, and I got to see how much fun it was to be in a band. That’s really what got me into music,” he added.

It has been at least 20 years since the Jamman Bros. played regularly. Fouse started with the band in 1976 or 1977. By the 1980’s they had hit their stride. When asked why they wanted to be in a band, the response was a unanimous, “the girls!” Once they started playing steadily, it was a lot of fun. “Being in a band is like being a family,” said Fouse. “We’d practice every week and we were always together. We get along pretty well. In all of our time together we’ve never gotten really nasty with each other or had any major fights. Oh sure we’ve had a few little arguments here and there or been angry with one another, but that’s what brothers do,” he added. Speaking of family, Bradburn met his future wife at one of their shows in nearby Celina, Ohio. 

Throughout the 1980’s, they played shows all over the area, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, even playing a few shows with legendary local musician Rick Derringer. “Back then we were kind of wild,” said Younts. “We’re a lot more relaxed these days,” the others chime in. “It’s been a lot of fun getting back together,” they add. “It’s a great feeling to look out in the crowd and see people smiling, dancing, and having a good time.” The band is entertaining the idea of doing more shows. “We’d love to continue to play together as long as we are all able to, and there are venues in the area that will have us,” they add.

One lucky attendee at the show on November 23, will go home with an autographed Fender Squier guitar given away by Winchester’s own Jamman Bros. Band.