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Friday, August 16

7 am-Gates Open

8 am-Grand Opening

9 am-4-H Booth Judging

-FFA Shop & Crop Judging

10am-10 pm-Vendor Displays

11 am-Junior Fair Horse Show, Contesting Classes

11:30 am-Cheerleading Contest

12 pm-All Livestock on grounds

12-8 pm-Weigh Junior Fair Rabbit Meat Pens

12-11pm-Rides Open

1 pm-Fine Arts Demo

1-9 pm-Hot Shot Z Clown

6 pm-Revue State Fair Delegates

-6 Person Round Robin

Horseshoe Pitching Tourney

6-9 pm-Jr. Fair Dogs on Stand

6:30 pm-Jr. Fair Canine King & Queen Contest

-Harness Racing

7- 10 pm-Mandy Rismiller

7 pm- Fine Arts Demo

8 pm-Jr. Fair Dairy Ex. Meeting

-Jr. Fair Goat Ex. Meeting

•Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

-4 Times a Day

•Darke Co. Veterans’ Display for Exhibit Items

12 am-Gates Close

Saturday, August 17

7 am-Gates Open

-Swine Dept. Ex. Meeting

7-10am-Flower Show entries

8 am-Jr. Fair Steers weighed

-Jr. Fair Market Lambs weighed

-Jr. Fair Barrows weighed

Open Class Barrows weighed

9 am-Jr. Fair Dog Obedience

-Jr. Fair Guinea Pig Show

-Jr. Fair Horse & Pony Show, Western, Draft Horse, Mule & Donkey

-Jr. Fair Rabbit Show

-Jr. Fair Poultry Show

-Jr. Fair Showmanship

-Jr. Fair Dairy Grooming Contest

9:30 am-Jr. Fair Bake-A-Rama

10 am-10pm-Vendors Open

11 am-2 pm-David Wayne

11:30 am-Harness Racing

11:30 am-3:00 pm-Closed

Judging of Flowers

12 pm-Jr. Fair Darke County Born &

Bred Market Lamb Show

12-11:00 pm-Rides Open

1 pm-Fine Arts Demo


1-8 pm-Hot Shot Z Clown

1:30 pm-Jr. Fair Dairy Judging Contest

2 pm-Foods Revue

2:30 pm-Healthy & Home Living Revue

3 pm-Jr. Fair Beef Ex. Meeting

-Live Carcass Show

-S.T.E.M. Revue

-Open Class Market Lamb Show

3-6pm-Timmy G & Company

4 pm-Bred & Born in Darke Co. Steer Show

-Cloverbud Revue

5 pm-Decorating a Vegetable Contest

-Cows and Milk Seminar with Tony Wenning

5pm-Wool Class Judging

6pm-Open Class Market Heifer &

Steer Show

- Jr. Fair Goat King & Queen Contest

-Human Rooster Crowing Contest

-Human Turkey Calling Contest

-Swine Pee Wee & Adult Showmanship

6:30 pm-Adult & Pee Wee

Showmanship, Decorator Class,

Fun Night

-Harness Racing

7 pm-Fine Arts Demo

7-9:30 pm-Green De Villes

•Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

-4 Times a Day

•See Darke Co. Veterans’ Display

•Midnight — Gates Close

Sunday, August 18

7 am-Gates Open

-Open & Youth Horse & Pony Show

10 am-All-County Interdenominational Worship Service

- Great Darke County Fair Community

Church Service

-Pee Wee Poultry

10 am-10 pm-Vendors Open

10 am-12 pm-Sheep to Shawl - Demonstration

12 pm-Darke County Bred & Born

Heifer Show with Open Beef Breeding Show following

-Jr. Fair Poultry Meat Classes & Showmanship

-Jr. Fair Dogs Showmanship

-ODNR Division of Wildlife Presentation

12 pm-2pm-Harmony-

12pm-11pm-Rides Open

12:30 pm-Boer & Pygmy Showmanship, Boer Market, Pygmy Market, Boer Breeding Classes, Pygmy Breeding Classes

12:30 pm-Jr.Fair Rabbit Showmanship

1pm-King of the Hill Horseshoe Tourney

-Jr. Fair Swine Showmanship

-Fine Arts Demo

-Sheep-Boys & Girls Lead Class

-Ladies Lead, New Ladies Lead,

Mens Lead, Decorators Class, Pee

Wee & Adult Showmanship Classes

1-8 pm-Hot Shot Z Clown

1:30 pm-Clothing Revue

2-4 pm-Sheep to Shawl-Demo

2:30 pm-Revue -Creative & Leisure Art

2:30-5pm-Janet Conley Show

3 pm-Revue-Natural Resources & Horticulture Projects

3-7 pm-Jr. Fairboard Elections

5:30 -7:30pm-Gene Sherfy

7 pm-Fine Arts Demo

8 pm-Big & Rich with Special Guest, Tracy Lawrence

8-10:30pm-Greg Rhodes & Heaven Cansler

•SunShine Monkey Shines

•Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

•Darke Co. Veterans’ Display

12 am-Gates Close

Monday, August 19

Kids, Jr. Fair Day Ministers,

Children & Senior Citizens Day

Ministers, Children-age 11 &

under, Senior Citizens-60 & older,

Free admission.

7am-Gates Open

9 am-Jr. Fair Barrow Show

-Jr. Fair Dairy Show

-Judging-Domestic Arts Division

Paintings & Drawings

-Open Class Poultry Judging

-Registered Shetland Pony Show

-Jr.Fair Dairy Goat Showmanship,

Dairy Market Wethers, Dairy Goat Breeding

-Jr. Fair Market Lamb Show

-Jr. Fair Horse Show, Saddle & Hunt

Seat, Hunter Hack & Versatility

10 am-Youth Cake Dec. Contest

10 am-12pm-Dog Department Jumpers Demo

10 am-3 pm-Jr. Fairboard elections

10 am-10pm-Vendors Open

11 am-Oldest Fairgoer Recognized

12-11 pm-Rides Open

1 pm-Fine Arts Demonstration

-Jr. Fair Sheep Breeding Show

1-3 pm-Fenton & Collins

1-8 pm-Hot Shot Z Clown

2 pm-Jr. Fair Dairy Feeders, Steer Show & Showmanship

2:30-4:30 pm-Dog Dept. Agility Demo

4-6 pm-Mix Factory

5:30 pm-Little Mister Darke Co. Fair Pageant

6 pm-Darke County Horseshoe Club Tournament

6:30 pm-Little Miss Dark Co. Fair Pageant

-Jr. Fair Market Beef Show

7 pm-High School Marching Band Spectacular

-Fine Arts Demonstration

7-9 pm-Tyler Stroh

•SunShine Monkey Shines

•Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

•Darke Co. Veterans’ Display

12 am- Gates Close

Tuesday, August 20

7 am-Gates Open

9 am-Jr. Fair Goat Show, Born & Raised Market Wethers, Dairy, Pygmy & Boer

-Registered Shetland Pony & Registered Hackney Pony Show

-Jr. Fair Dairy Showmanship

-Jr. Fair Bake-A-Rama Juniors

-Jr. Fair Horse Show, Performance & Driving

-Jr. Fair Sheep Showmanship followed by Junior Fair

Homegrown Market Lamb Show

-Jr. Fair Home Grown Market Lamb Class

10 am-7 pm-Jr. Fair Dogs on Stand

10 am-DCTP Tractor Pull

-Born & Raise Barrow Show

10 am-10 pm-Vendors Open

12-11 pm-Rides Open

1 pm-Fine Arts Demo

-Pee Wee Rabbit Showmanship

1-3 pm-Marty Henderson

1-8 pm-Hot Shot Z Clown

1:30 pm-Adult Rabbit Showmanship

(Two Different Groups)

2 pm-Jr. Fair Beef Breeding

-Domestic Arts

4 pm-Jr. Fair Beef Showmanship

4-7 pm-Country Harmony

5 pm-Jr. Fair Market Lamb &

Goat Sale

6 pm-Jr. Fair Swine Awards &

Barn Party

-6 person Round Robin

Horseshoe Pitching Tourney

7 pm-NTPA Tractor Pull

-Fine Arts Demon

7:30 pm-Beef Dress Up

7:30- 9:30 pm-Jeff Hittle

•SunShine Monkey Shines

•Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

•Darke Co. Veterans’ Display

12 am-Gates Close

Wednesday, August 21

Armed Forces & Veteran’s Day

Veterans & Immediate Family

Members living in the same

household are Admitted Free.

7 am-Gates Open

7-10 am-Flower entries received

8:30 am-Jr. Fair Bake-A-Rama -


9 am-Gen. Livestock Judging

9 am-4 pm-4-H Show & Registered

Modern Pleasure Shetlands

-Open Class Carry-In Cage

Rabbit Judging

-Open Class Dairy Feeder Calf &

Steer Show

9 am-6 pm-Dog Department

Open Obedience Day Classes

10 am-10 pm-Vendors Open

10:30 am-Jr. Fair Bake-A-Rama,


11 am-Open Class Barrow Show

-Calf & Other Animal Scramble

11:30 am-3pm-Closed Judging

for Flower Show

12:00 pm-Open Class Dairy

Judging – Ayrshire, Brown Swiss

Guernsey, Jersey and Milking

Shorthorn (Alternating)

-Jr. Fair Beef Grooming Contest

12:00-11:00 pm-Rides Open

1 pm-Chicken Dress Up

-Fine Arts Demo

-Jr. Fair Horse Fun Show

1:00-3:00 pm-Colt Douglas

1-8:00 pm-Hot Shot Z Clown

1:30 pm-Egg Contest Winners


2 pm-Jr. Fair Feeder Calf Show

-Rooster Crowing Contest

-Misc.& Make-up Revue

4 pm-Jr. Fair Homegrown Steer

and Market Heifer Show

4-6 pm- Debbie Lynn

5 pm-Jr. Fair Rabbit & Poultry Sale

5:30 pm-Veteran’s Parade and

Memorial Service

6 pm-6 Person Class Horseshoe


-Open Class Crossbred Breed Show

6:30 pm-Square Dancing

7 pm-Open Class Dairy Judging

– Holstein

– Darke Co. Agricultural Society

7 pm-Fine Arts Demo

7-9 pm-Spittin’ Image

7:30 pm-Harness Racing

8 pm-NON Voting Tickets must be

exchanged for a voting ticket

no later than 8:00 p.m. at the

Secretary’s office to be

eligible to vote on thursday from

9:00 am-7:00 pm at the

Sheriff’s Building.

•SunShine Monkey Shines

•Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

•Darke Co. Veterans’ Display

12 am-Gates Close

Thursday, August 22

•Free till Three Day Gate

Admission Free until 3 pm.

•Primetime Amusements Ride

Wristbands 1/2 Price Until 3

pm.•Various Vendors promoting a

Value Item 11 am-3 pm.

9 am-Polls Open for Board of Directors


7 am-Gates Open

9 am-Darke Co. 4-H & Jr.Fair

Awards Presentation

9 am-2 pm-Dog Dept. Parade/Fun


10 am-Annual Parade of


-Jr. Doe Dairy Goat Show

10 am-10:00 pm-Vendors open

11:30 am-Jr. Fair Swine Sale

11 am-11 pm-Rides Open

12 pm-Jr. Fair Showman of

Showmen Contest

1 pm-Fine Arts Demo

-Jr. Fair Dog Fun Day

-Pee Wee Dog Show

-Jr. Fair Horses & Ponies Released

-Family Fun Skidloader Rodeo

with Toy Give Away

1-3 pm-University of Dayton New

Horizons Ensembles

1-8 pm-Hot Shot Z Clown

3-9pm-Open Class Dog on Stands

4 pm-Jr. Fair Dairy Beef &

Milk Sale

4-6pm-Haley Watson Keffer with


5:30 pm-Horse Racing (including

Gene Riegle Memorial)

6 pm-Sheep Shearing Contest

-Rabbit Dress Up Contest for 4-H

and FFA Members

-Darke Co. Resident Only Championship

Horseshoe Tournament

6:30 pm- Miniature Horse Pull

7 pm-Jr. Fair Beef Sale

*7:00 P.M. – Polls Close for

Board of Directors Election

-Fine Arts Demo

7-9pm-Rum River Blend

7:30 pm-Swine Barn closed

-Domestic Arts Revue

-Horse Pull

•SunShine Monkey Shines

•Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

•Darke Co. Veterans’ Display

12 am-Gates Close

Friday, August 23

7 am-Gates Open

8 am-Registered Classic

American Shetland & Miniature

Horse Performance

9 am-Sr. Doe Dairy Goat Show

9am-3pm-Friday Sampler

10 am-Mule & Donkey Open Show

10am-10pm-Vendors Open

11am-9pm-Open Class Dogs on Stands

12-11pm-Rides Open

1pm-Open Class Dog Demo

-Fine Arts Demo

1-3 pm-Ted Yoder

1-8pm-Hot Shot Z Clown

2:30-4:30 pm-Weigh-In Open Class

Feeder Calf Show

4:00 pm-Motorcycle Races Practice

4-6pm-Brooke Netzley

5pm-Cornhole Tournament

-Open Class Dog Demo

5:30 pm-Draft Horse & Pony

Perfomance Classes

6 pm-Kiddie Tractor Pull

6:30 pm-Feeder Calf Show

7 pm-Motorcycle Races

-Fine Arts Demo

7-9 pm-Noah Back

•SunShine MonkeyShines

•Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

•Darke Co. Veterans’ Display

12 am-Gates Close

Saturday, August 24

7 am-Gates Open

8 am-Open Class Breeding Sheep


-Registered Miniature Horse Show

9 am-Mule and Donkey Show

-Draft Horse & Pony Show

-4-H Cat Show

10 am-Open Boer Goat Show

-West. OH Dis. 4 Guernsey Show

10am-2 pm-Open Class Dogs on Stand

10 am-10pm-Vendors Open

11 am-Open Class Dog Demo

12-11 pm-Rides Open

1 pm-Draft Horse, Pony, Mule &

Donkey Performance Classes

1-3 pm-Time Bandits/Angel Ash

1-8 pm-Hot Shot Z Clown

4-6 pm-Janett & James

6:30 pm-Power Wheels Demo Derby

7 pm-Smash It Demolition Derby

7-9 pm-Tish

7:30 pm-Rain Date /Horse Pull

11:00 pm-

•Departments and Vendors released

•Ag. Dept. Exhibits will be released

on Aug. 26, from 1- 3 pm.

•Domestic Arts Exhibits will be released

on Aug. 26, from 1- 5 pm.

• Fine Arts Exhibits will be released

on Aug. 26, from 1- 4 pm.

•Flower Dept. Exhibits will be released

on Aug. 26, from 1- 3 pm.

•SunShine MonkeyShines

•Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

•Darke Co. Veterans’ Display

12:00 am-162nd Great Darke County

Fair Closes – Thank you for attending!