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Joseph Foster, Easton Foster and Preston Erwin were presented with Citizen Hero Awards Sunday at the Parker City Volunteer Fire Department after rushing to a distress call of a man who had passed out in a hot tub. Pictured (from left) firefighter Marcus England, Fire Chief Aaron Hammond, Easton Foster, Carrie Freeman, Joseph Foster, Doug Overton, Preston Erwin, firefighter Mike Gordon and firefighter Gary Gray.

Three Parker City teens were moving their way down Rinard Street on their way to play some basketball Tuesday when they heard a scream for help. 

In the next few minutes, they had saved a man from almost certainly drowning in his hot tub. 

Responding to the distress call, Joseph Foster, 16, Easton Foster, 14, and Preston Erwin, 13, took swift action. Joseph rushed to the scene where he found a woman desperately trying to hold a man’s head above water in an outdoor hot tub. He was not conscious. 

Joseph quickly took off some of his clothing and jumped in to push the man’s body up, while Easton and Preston helped pull him up under his arms. As they managed to pull him up and out of the water, the man slowly started to waken. He was disoriented. One of the boys called 911. 

“When I woke up and saw those boys, I wasn’t sure what was going on,” said Doug Overton. “The last thing I remember is trying to stand up and getting dizzy. I must have just passed out.” 

Overton surmised his body may have overheated, which caused his blood pressure to drop and resulted in his passing out. His partner of 12 years, Carrie Freeman, saw him slowly sinking and tried to keep his head above water as she screamed for help. But her strength began to run out quickly. 

Emergency personnel arrived soon after the call and Doug Overton is alive, well and thankful for three teens who came to his rescue. 

Overton and Freeman were on hand Sunday at the Parker City Fire Station where the three boys were recognized by the department for their selfless act of heroism. They were each presented with a “Citizen Hero Award” as well as gift certificates to The Shoe Carnival, since their shoes were all but ruined in the ordeal. 

“It could have been a tragic end for Doug and Carrie if not for the action of these boys,” Fire Chief Aaron Hammond said. “When you do something good like this, you need to be recognized.”