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    The school officials of the Mississinawa Valley School District have announced the opening of school for the 2019-2020 school year to be Wednesday, August 28, 2019. Student day schedule starting and ending times will be:

Elementary and JH/High School:        

Instruction Begins - 8:00 A.M.

Dismissal (K-6) - 2:30 P.M.

Dismissal (7-12) - 2:53 P.M.

    The Superintendent and Principals will meet with all NEW teachers on Wednesday, August 21st. All teachers in the district will meet on Monday, August 26th in the School Cafetorium to discuss opening procedures. The meeting will then be recessed to each teacher’s respective building for further faculty orientation. The teachers will have a second work day on Tuesday, August 27th.


    Students will attend classes beginning on Wednesday, August 28th. The important dates during the 2019-2020 school year are as follows: August 21 (Wednesday), new faculty orientation; August 26 (Monday) and August 27 (Tuesday),  teacher meetings and workday; August 28 (Wednesday), first student day; September 2  (Monday), Labor Day, NO SCHOOL; September 27 (Friday) Waiver Day approved by The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) – NO SCHOOL; October 3 (Thursday), 2 Hour early dismissal Teachers’ In-Service; October 9 & 10 (Wednesday and Thursday) 2-Hour early dismissals, Parent-Teacher Conferences each day from 1:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.; October 11 (Friday), WOEA Day, teacher professional day, NO SCHOOL for students; October 25, end of first quarter; October 28, begin second quarter; November 27-28-29 (Wed./Thurs./Fri.), Thanksgiving Vacation, NO SCHOOL; December 2 (Monday) Waiver Day approved by The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) – NO SCHOOL; December 20 (Friday), 2 Hour early dismissal and last day of school before Christmas Vacation begins; January 6 (Monday), school resumes following the Christmas Vacation;  January 17, end of second quarter/end of semester; January 20 (Monday), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, teacher work day, NO SCHOOL for students; January 21 (Tuesday) begin third quarter; February 12 (Wednesday), Parent-Teacher Conferences from 3:30-7:00 P.M.; February 13 (Thursday) 2 Hour early dismissal, Parent-Teacher Conference from 3:30-7:00 P.M.; February 14-17, Mini Break, Presidents’ Day, NO SCHOOL; March 27, end of third quarter; March 30 begin fourth quarter, April 9 (Thursday), April 10 (Friday) and April 13 (Monday), Easter Break, NO SCHOOL; May 22 (Friday), Graduation; May 25 (Monday), Memorial Day Observance, NO SCHOOL, holiday for students and employees; June 2 (Tuesday), students last day and end of  the fourth quarter;  June 3 (Wednesday), teacher work day.

    An attempt will be made to give a one week advanced notice for possible make-up day if make-up days are required. Possible make-up day is February 14th and April 9th and 13th. Any additional make-up days will be added on to the end of the school year.


    Students and parents who are new residents to the Mississinawa Valley Local School District are encouraged to register for school prior to opening.

    “Registration for NEW STUDENTS will be August 6 through 23 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. For questions about registration call 968-4464 ext. 2012.”  Birth certificate, proof of residence, health/immunization records and academic records should be presented at registration. Any custody papers if applicable are needed at that time too.

    If you have not previously registered your child for Kindergarten, please do so immediately. Kindergarten will be in session all day every day.

    Students who walk, drive or are brought to school by parents should arrive not more than fifteen minutes before these starting times.



    The Mississinawa Valley Schools, as mandated by law, require that all immunizations be completed from the initial enrollment date in the schools (the first day of school). Required immunization includes poliomyelitis, rubella, diphtheria, rubella, pertussis, tetanus, and mumps. Students who are not in compliance with state required immunization may be excluded from school.



    All students need a TDAP and Menveo to meet the state requirements for their seventh grade year. Students may get the booster at the Greenville Health Department, 300 Garst Ave., on Tuesdays from 8:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. and from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.  A parent or guardian must be present to sign for permission. Also, if you have Medicaid, you need to bring your valid Medicaid Card.

    Bring in card of proof of immunization to school so it can be recorded on the health record.

    If you fail to comply with the state law you can be excluded from school. This is mandatory.



    In case of emergencies due to weather, all students should listen to radio stations:  WTGR (97.5 FM); Z-93(92.9 FM); WBNN (1030 AM); or WZZY (98FM) for closing information. Also, closing/delay information will be on WHIO/TV-7 and WDTN/TV-2.  Through the cooperation of the news media, school-closing announcements will be made at regular intervals beginning no later than 6:45 a.m. Mississinawa Valley Schools has the Instant Connect Voice Dial System in place for all students and staff.  Students and parents are encouraged not to call the school because of the need to keep the telephone lines open for emergency messages. Parents who are not home during the day for unscheduled emergencies should make prearranged plans.



    The school will begin serving lunches on Wednesday, August 29. Lunch prices will be $2.10 per day for students in grades PK-8 and $2.25 per day for students in grades 9-12. Lunches are $2.45 (less drink) per day for adults. Breakfast will also be offered to students in grades PK-12 at $1.00; reduced @ $.30. Student’s milk will be $.50 per carton. There is a closed noon hour for students.



    Application forms are distributed to all homes in a letter to parents or guardians and available on the school website. To apply for each free or reduced-price benefit, households should fill out the application and return it to school.


    All athletes must have either student insurance or their own private insurance program.


    The Mississinawa Valley Schools will have the following bus stops for the coming year. Town students will be assigned a pick-up point at one of the following locations:

1 - Southwest corner of Cherry and Division Streets – Knollwood Apts.

2 - Current East Side Playground on Sycamore Street

3 - Northwest corner of Maple and Elm Streets – empty lot by Sutton’s

4 - Southeast corner of Elm and Walnut Streets – by Buckeye Beverage

5 - Baptist Church – First Street

6 - Northwest corner of Wall and Division Streets

7 - Southwest corner of Division and Elm Streets

8 - Southeast corner of Division and Main Streets

9 - Peppermint Street

    Students will be picked up between 7:30 and 7:50 a.m. Students who load at stops #1, #3, #4 and #7 will not arrive at school in time to receive breakfast. K-6 students will be dropped off at the same location to which they were picked up at 2:45 with the exception of bus stops #6 and #8. Those students will be dropped off at 3:05. 7-12 students will be dropped off at bus stops #2, #5, #7, #8 at 3:05.

    Bus routes and pick up times can be viewed on the doors at the main entrance to the building. If you have any questions regarding the routes or pick-up times, you can call the school at 968-4464 ext. 2226.



    School personnel for the 2019-2020 school year are: Mr. Dale Breymier – School Board President, Ms. Sandy Skidmore - Vice-President, Mrs. Lori Cox, Mrs. Amy Hanes, and Mr. Matt Hiestand.

    Central Office: Mr. Jeff Winchester, Interim Superintendent; Mr. Nicholas Hamilton, Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer; Mr. Shawn Peters, Technology Coordinator; and Mrs. Sherry Dirksen, Assistant Treasurer/Secretary to the Superintendent.

    Mississinawa Valley Elementary School (Grades PK-6): Principal – Stephanie Kemp; Secretary – Sandy Denniston, Kindergarten – Megan Coatney (and 1st Grade Multiage), Sarah Ranly and Emily Taylor; First Grade – Nichole Anguiano and Max Kindell; Second Grade – Christi Hummel, Sheila Scholl and Janel Thobe; Third Grade – Mike Kukasky, Denise Mayo and Amy Roessner; Fourth Grade - Teresa Birt, Amber Schellhase and Pam Stump; Fifth Grade - Brenda Nagel and Jessica Schlater; Sixth Grade – Shauna Hopkins, Billie Hunt and Melanie Neargarder; Intervention Specialist – Susan Clack, Maria Kinninger, and Sara Smith; M.H. – Jennifer Lause; Phys. Ed./Health – Emily Clark; Music – Audrey Hathaway; Reading Recovery – Laura DeMange; Band – Audrey Hathaway; Art – Ashley Austerman; E.D. – Sonya Spitler; Pre-School – Crystal Schneider; Para Professionals – Kathy Armstrong, Paula Foreman, Amanda Grow, Nikki Hiestand, Kim Hummel, Cynthia Linder, Annette Livingston, Megan Pequignot, Charlene Philiposian and Doris Schweppe; Attendant – Christie Hunt and Heather Manning

    Mississinawa Valley JH/SR High School - Grades (7-12): Principal – Mr. Jeffrey Winchester; Secretary - Betty Teegarden; Guidance – Andrea Howard; Special Education – Chene’ Bridges, Jodi Humphries and Kim Knox; Seventh & Eighth Grade – Zack Evers-Math, Brittany Force-Science, Kaitlin Edwards – Math; Amanda Masters – Language Arts, and Tricia Seubert-LA/Psych/Sociology; Social Studies – Kaitlin Edwards and Ryan McGlothlin; Mathematics – Greg Beherns, Gwen Bergman and Andrew King; Science – Dawn Collins and Kim Hershey; IBE-Accounting/Business Foundations – Tammy Drew; English/Language Arts – Renee Bergman and Amy Bruns; Foreign Language – Luke McKeeth; Vocational Agriculture – Carmen Hartzell; Instrumental Music – Stephen Novak; Art – Ashley Austerman; Health & Phys. Ed. - Terry Niekamp; School Nurse – Jamie Wisner; EMIS Coordinator/Guidance Secretary - Roxanne Stocksdale; AD/Transportation/Attendance Secretary – Debbie Gower; Aide – Jonnie Meyer; Cooks - Katie Walters-Cafeteria Manager, Kim Beanblossom, Brenda Brinley, Tonya Fennig, Kathy Leeper, Karen Livingston, Emily Manning, Pat Martin, Roberta Wenger and Deanna Westfall; Custodians - Tony Neargarder, Gary Francis, Shirley Thomason, Zach Wisner and Linda Yount; Bus Drivers: Steven Beam, Mike Burns, Lisa DeVanney, John Hannan, Sarah Hiestand, Todd Murphy, Nick Philiposian, Jeff Slyder, and Vickie Turner.