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Randolph Southern FFA Crop Judging Team won the Area VII Crop Judging Contest on November 14. The victory advanced the team to the state finals at Purdue University on Saturday, December 14. Members of the team are from left Olivia Keesling, Leah Keesling, Mattie Hale, and Harley Shinn.

The Randolph Southern FFA Crops Judging Team nicknamed the “sister act” of Leah Keesling, Olivia Keesling, Harley Shinn, and Mattie Hale advanced out of the Area VII contest by winning the judging contest on Thursday, November 14.

As part of a crop judging contest, competitors identify common crop plants and seeds grown in Indiana, common weed plants, seeds and seedlings that are problematic in Indiana crop systems, common diseases and damages found in corn, soybeans, or cereal grains, and common insects that are problematic in Indiana crop systems.

Participants are also given eight written scenarios of possible grain samples to be graded according to USDA standards. These descriptions give grain type, weight, moisture, damages, foreign material, and other important information that is normally considered for the grain grading procedure. 

Finally, students complete a 40 question multiple choice exam.

Remarkably all four Randolph Southern team members placed in the top ten: Leah Keesling won individual honors finishing first, Olivia Keesling was second, Mattie Hale earned ninth place, and Harley Shinny’s was tenth.

The Randolph Southern FFA advisor couldn’t be more proud of the team’s accomplishments. “I could not be more proud of the girls, juggling academics and athletics, while still finding time to studying for crops (team) is no easy task. These girls are dedicated to always doing their best no matter what the task is.” 

As a result the team’s victory the two pairs of sisters will be traveling to Purdue University to compete in the State Crops Judging Contest on Saturday, December 14.