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ELWOOD, Ind. (Nov. 18, 2020) – Red Gold, a 4th-generation, family-owned producer of bestselling tomato products sold across the United States with headquarters in central Indiana, announced a new wave of open positions following the recent investment and installation of a multi-million-dollar high-speed can labeling line at its primary canning facility in Orestes, Indiana.

The new line was custom-built over an accelerated six-month period, began full operations in early November and is now producing over 100 cases of product a minute, more than twice the rate of its predecessor, allowing cans to be labeled and cased at speeds reaching over 1,100 cans per minute.   

Beau Reichart, Chief Operations Officer at Red Gold said, “We always wanted a high-speed can labeling line of this magnitude. Red Gold is America’s largest producer of fresh canned tomatoes with over 3,200 different labels to manage over a wide variety of packaging sizes. On top of that, consumer demand in grocery stores has just been incredible.”

Even with significantly increased automation and speed, experienced and trained operators for each major part of the line are still required.  The automation improvements allow its operators to be more efficient and learn additional skills that can greatly benefit career development. As a result, efforts at Red Gold are underway to hire additional full-time employees on the new shifts of production that will also help reduce the workload for the first and second shifts.

Tim Ingle, Senior Vice President at Red Gold, added, “In just the past ten years, thanks to our exciting growth in sales, all three of our plants and our company headquarters have seen a total investment of $500 million in new technology, products, people, positions and improved company benefits.”  

“Red Gold is rooted in the Midwest, and will continue to invest in its people and processes, just like when it began in 1942 supporting our American troops. For those eager to join an All-American family company that produces the very best, then we encourage you to join our team,” said Ingle.

Red Gold has opportunities for high school graduates to become operators with tuition reimbursement programs, and for other adults to rekindle a new career in a variety of manufacturing areas. Visit for more details.

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