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Arrests made from 9-12-19 to 9-25-19

All subjects have been preliminarily charged. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty.  

Jerold K. Williams Jr. - Intimidation, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Law Enforcement, Criminal Trespass.

Leanna L. Tiller - Domestic Battery, Criminal Confinement.

Javier Zambrano - (warrant) Failure to Appear.

Sean Polk - Possession of Marijuana.

William Rainey - (warrant) Parole Violation.

Logan Potter - Possession of Marijuana.

Kristen Pollitt - Burglary, Theft, Dealing a Counterfeit Substance.

From 9-12-2019 to 9-25-2019 the Winchester Police Department responded to 147 calls for service. This included 24 Suspicious calls, 13 Domestic/fight calls, 4 drug related calls and 5 Burglary/Thefts. (numbers are approximate)

Crime Safety Tip: Never provide personal information to unknow subjects over the telephone or internet.  Criminals may try to obtain important information (such as Social Security number or bank account information) over the telephone. Do not give this information out to people you do not know. If you believe you may be the victim of an attempted “scam,” report the incident to the website SCAMS FBI at