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Charges have been brought against a Randolph County man, Jordan Allen, of Farmland, who is being charged with child molesting, incest and child solicitation. The Randolph County Prosecutor’s office has filed charges against the 28 year old male in regards to various accusations by a minor.  Probable cause was presented in a report by Randolph County Sheriff Detective Chad Puterbaugh alleging that Allen has committed a Level 1 and two Level 4 felonies against a minor female. 

In early December of 2020,  Puterbaugh was contacted by the Department of Child Services and informed that a female juvenile, age 12, had reported to her grandmother that Allen had sexually molested her. The grandmother reported the incident to DCS where a investigation began into the incident. 

On December 4 a forensic investigation was conducted where the victim identified Allen as the suspect.  The victim disclosed multiple allegations of sexual nature against Allen that supposedly occurred between October and November of 2020.  

Puterbaugh arranged to meet with Allen and learned that he reported being in a vehicle accident and that he was suffering from what he called a brain injury. On December 9, 2020 Allen met with Puterbaugh where he found that the incidents took place between June and December of 2020.   Puterbaugh applied and obtained search warrants for both cell phones that were in use, as well as both parties Google Accounts and Applie iCloud accounts. Puterbaugh located several messages that were exchanged and observed they were very inappropriate communication between the two. Some messages included Allen informing the victim that he would purchase her various items as long as she would continue to do as he asked. 

If convicted, Allen faces the Level 1 Felony of Child Molesting carrying a 20-40 year sentence, advisory of 30 years, and a maximum $10,000 fine. The Level 4 Felonies both carry a 2-12 year sentence, advisory of 6 years, with a maximum of $10,000 fine.  Allen was arrested on December 29, 2020 and remains in the Randolph County Jail Court awaiting a court date of  March 18 in Randolph County Circuit Court.

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