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Over the past 30 years, 1981 Winchester Community High School graduate Murray Wilson has collected an estimated $50,000 for charitable contributions. His efforts since 1991 has been recognized by five Winchester mayors and six governors and state representatives. 

From Jack Fowler, to Joe Wolfe, Steve Croyle, Shon Byrum and Bob McCoy, Wilson has been recognized for his devoted contributions to worthy causes. 

Health concerns may prevent Wilson from continuing past this year, but his hard work and diligence for the past three decades won’t be forgotten from organizations such as the American Heart Association to the March of Dimes and American Cancer Society. 

Wilson also has had contributions from various celebrities, including Gene Keady, Joe Nuxall, Marvin Wood and Sean Austin, who played the lead character in Rudy. 

He’s also received plenty of assistance from his wife Debbie. 

Most of the contributions over the years have come in small to moderate donations from individuals in Winchester. But there have been some bigger, very generous donations as well. 

“I just want thank all the people of Winchester and anyone who has donated over the years with my fundraisers,” Wilson said. 

The City of Winchester and also the WCHS Class of 1981 recognized Wilson for raising money for all of these organizations – American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, American Diabetes Association, American Red Cross, Flight 93 National Memorial and Hurricane Katrina. 

This is Murray’s last year for fund raising and he indicated whatever money he receives will be donated to The American Cancer Society. Those wishing to donate can go to type in Murray Wilson.

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