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    Since 1937, the name of Webb Jewellers has been a constant in the Randolph County community.  But in 1966 a breath of fresh air came into the small hometown jewelry store. Camille (Lotz) Webb, married the love of her life Rodney Webb on December 31, 1966 and joined him in the family business, bringing her kind, smart and always classy demeanor with her. For anyone who knew Cam, you knew her to grace the towns of Winchester and Union City with an elegance and style not only in her choice of jewelry but with her all encompassing nature.

    Whenever you would meet her on the street, Cam was dressed beautifully and looked gorgeous decked out in the latest jewelry designs. Working at the competitors, Standt’s Fine Jewelry, this writer will admit that she was envious at times of the employees who worked at that “other” jewelry store on the “other” side of the square.  We heard that the girls that worked there were allow to wear the jewelry in the stores. We also heard the owners often took their employees with them to Antwerp on diamond buying trips. All things that this young bright-eyed 20 year old would have loved to experienced. Now Standt’s was not a bad place to work by any means, but Webb’s always seemed to be “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” store. That reputation was created from the appearance that Cam and Rod portrayed of themselves and their business.

    One of the reasons that the store succeeded was due to the grand marketing strategy of Cam. Whether she knew it or not, if she wore the latest bracelet, ring, earrings or necklace for all to see outside of the store, her admirer’s, noticing the gorgeous pieces, would stop into the small store on Main Street and browse and see if they could afford the beautiful piece that Cam had been seen wearing.

    The store prospered under the careful watch of Rod and Cam for almost 40 years before their retirement. In speaking with Rod he commented that “together they were dangerous” meaning that as the team in business they could accomplish anything and so they did.  But before retiring, they obtained Standt’s Fine Jewelry and moved their store to the larger of the two locations.  Having both sons, Sean and Chris,  joining them in the jewelry business over the years,  the two had made a name and their mark, on not only Winchester, but the jewelry industry itself.  The couple sold their business to son Chris and Rich Collins in 2005.  Selling the business though did not stop them from continuing to stop in and help out now and again.

    Cam’s knowledge of the jewelry industry came with a certification of a graduate gemologist one of prestige and honor. She was also a member of the Independent Jeweler organization for 35 years. Her hard work inside the store spilled out into the Winchester community as well. She served as past president of the all women Athena Club in Winchester and was also a member of the Winchester Chamber of Commerce. She also worked in Habitat for Humanity and had the opportunity to experience a mission trip to Nicaragua. She was an active member of the Main Street Christian Church for many years. She also helped volunteer her time with several downtown retail organizations.

    Cam was always quick to ask how you and your family were doing when she would pass you on the sidewalk or in the store. She would attend various events where her grandchildren, the apples of her eye, were involved in and cheer on not only her special participants but those of everyone else as well. From baseball games in the hot sun to the fall season of football I remember Cam sitting there in all her glory and cheering on her favorite player.  

    About 7 years ago, Cam was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimers. Over the years, the dreadful disease took its toll on her as her ever attending and devoted husband, Rod patiently cared for her every need. When he was asked how Cam was doing, with a smile he would give his answer of “she has good days and she has bad days” and he would soon be off as he needed to get back to her.  

    Comments have been made by many about Rod’s constant commitment and the care he gave for not only his ailing wife but also for her late mother was so admirable and that it truly took a special guy to do everything that he did to make their lives as good as he could. The love that Rod and Cam shared was inseparable and leaves one to be envious and fortunate all at the same time to have been a witness to the true love shared between this couple.

    As Cam and Rod faced the disease together, Rod expresses how proud he is of his family for gathering and embracing the journey with them. The legacy that Camille Webb will leave will consist of her smile, her big heart, her passion for her community and her iconic style that she brought to the community.