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Folks in Lynn may have been wondering what a large jet was doing parked for several hours at The Flying Saucer Full Stop. 

With some help from resident Ann Allen and her sleuthing skills, we found out that this Boeing KC-135, once used as a refueling tanker, was being transported from Davis-Monthon Air Force Base (The Boneyard) in Tucson, AZ to Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton where it will be used as an aero medical evacuation trainer. 

Marty Batura, who works for Worldwide Aircraft Recovery, said he was in his fourth week of transporting the jet and was on an extended stop until he had his proper permit to enter Ohio. He reported to Allen that the jet was 140 feet long, 15 feet, 6 inches wide and 17 feet and 4 inches high. 

The KC-135 was initially tasked with refueling strategic bombers, but was used extensively in the Vietnam War and later conflicts such as Operation Desert Storm to extend the range and endurance of US tactical fighters and bombers. 

Davis-Monthan AFB’s role in the storage of military aircraft began after World War II, and continues today. 

It has evolved into “the largest aircraft boneyard in the world”.