The NG

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) will trim trees around transmission power lines in East Central Indiana using a helicopter saw beginning Monday, Dec. 9, and continuing into the following week.

Trimming will take place, weather permitting, throughout the day on Mondays through Saturdays near transmission power lines in the counties of Delaware, Randolph, Wayne and Union.

The work is routine maintenance to remove overhanging branches that can interfere with service reliability and are potential safety hazards. I&M has contracted with Aerial Solutions Inc. to perform the work using a helicopter-based tree-trimming saw. The tree-trimming tool is suspended beneath a helicopter by a vertical boom that has multiple motor power saw blades attached. The helicopter will fly at tree-top heights while working. The aerial trimming is faster and more easily reaches areas away from roadways than traditional tree-trimming crews using ground equipment.

I&M is committed to balancing the importance of trees with the equally important need to deliver electricity safely and reliably. Customers with questions should contact I&M at 800-311-4634.