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Molly Greer

    The Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. proudly announces that Molly Greer of Parker City, Indiana has been accepted to attend the EAA Basic Air Academy 2019 in Oshkosh Wisconsin. The EAA Air Academy offers young people the opportunity to meet and work with aviation professionals, while living and learning the arts, sciences, and lore of aviation in both classroom and workshop settings. They joined many other young people, ages 14-15, in this aviation program.

    Participants in the EAA Air Academy come from around the United States and several foreign countries. Academy activities will include flight experience, workshops, and classroom study. The EAA’s director of Museum & Museum Education, Bob Campbell, says, “The EAA Air Academy teaches young people new skills and instills a pride of craftsmanship. More importantly, it develops their leadership potential and broadens their understanding of both aviation and themselves. The EAA Air Academy is a benchmark of personal experience... And an aviation experience that will last a lifetime.” Campbell added that “those who are interested in attending any of the EAA Air Academy programs, should write to: Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc., Resident Education Office, PO Box 3086, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54903 - 3086. Applicants need not be EAA members. The prime consideration is an interest and enthusiasm for aviation.”