LYNN-There is an old saying that goes, “another man’s relics are another man’s treasure”, and vintage is in-style no matter if it is clothing or furniture. Antiques have become popular as home decorations and thankfully because of popular HGTV shows, old-fashioned has become “re-purposed” fashion.  Lynn, IN has welcomed a new store called Cozy Corner, a beautiful antique store, as a part of its community.

    On August 5th, 1990 Deborah Lilly, wrote a saddening article about Chenoweth’s retail store in Lynn, IN going out of business after three generations of hard family work. Liz Dehaven, has brought new life to the old Chenoweth’s building with her very charming storefront.

    She named her store Cozy Corner, which is very fitting as it is a very cozy storefront that one could spend a long time just looking around in. The store is located right on US 27 in Lynn just down from the bank.  The store has unique charm as Liz has kept all of its original character, including a beautiful ornate ceiling and rustic hardwood floors.

    The moment a customer walks through the doors, they are engulfed with the smell of homemade candles and their eyes are drawn to many gorgeous antique pieces of furniture, decorative signs, and knick-knacks that could only be bought at a special store like this.

    Liz told the News-Gazette during her interview, “I have always had a dream of owning my own store, something to call my own and a place to put all the pieces I love. I have a heart for all the old antiques and I want to see them all come back to life in a new home.”  The store is packed with all kind of vintage pieces from farm tables to kitchen canisters.

    She spent time talking about the history of the store and she feels, “The old Chenoweth building was the perfect spot for me to open my store. I love the old building as much as I do the antiques. I wanted the charm of the building to shine through so we did try to keep as much as possible original.”  Her favorite part of her store is its “charm”, which comes naturally with the unique qualities of each antique piece and the historical aspects of the building.

    Chenoweth`s was open for 96 years and was a staple in the Lynn Community, Mont Chenoweth first opened the store in 1894. The store featured everything from clothing to yard goods, it was a place where the family could shop together. According to the article from Chenoweth’s closing, “Even before school consolidations and big malls on the edge of towns, Chenoweth was the place to go.”  The community was very sad when Frank Chenoweth retired and closed the business.

    Since the store closed, the building has been home to other businesses but Liz is hoping people will once again fall in love with “the rustic charm” her store has to give. She hosted a grand-reopening on March 29th, which in her words was a “great success.”

    The store is currently open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am until 6 pm and, she is hoping to eventually expand her hours as business continues to grow.

    “I try to continuously have new inventory, so when customers come in I always have something new that they didn’t see the last time they visited.” Liz expressed. She always loves rearranging and setting up interesting displays in order to give customers an idea of what a piece could look like in their home.

    Liz has a passion for keeping her customers happy as well, “If a customer is looking for a specific piece of style, I try to keep a look out for it when I am purchasing inventory for the shop.  I appreciate my customers and want to meet there needs.” Liz said with a smile.

    Cozy Corner is the perfect place to find a great antique addition to add to your home, to find a gift for a friend, or just a place to come spend some time in. Liz is so sweet and will be willing to help anyone with whatever questions they may have or to help them find exactly what they are looking for. Stop by Cozy Corner sometime and meet Liz. Take a look around in her shop, but look closely because there are so many beautiful pieces packed into one little sweet spot.