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    On Monday July 15, 2019 Randolph County Circuit Court Judge Jay Toney found probable cause against a former Winchester resident, Len Roy Green. Randolph County Prosecuting Attorney brought to court information submitted to him that claims Green should be charged with 2 counts being Attempted Promotion of Human Sexual Trafficking, a level 4 Felony  and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, a Class A Misdemeanor.

    Kelly Smithson of the Randolph County Prosecutor’s office reported to Daly that he had probable cause to believe that Green has committed sexual criminal offenses which took place during a time period between October and November of 2018.

    It is believed that Green did knowingly attempt to commit the crime of Human Sexual Trafficking, which is a person who knowingly uses coercion to entice an individual with the intent of causing the individual to participate in sexual conduct, by engaging in conduct that constitutes a substantial step towards the commission of said crime, to wit: by repeatedly telling the victim, a 16 year old female, that he loved her, that she was beautiful, that he wanted her, that he wanted to kiss her and they could be together and fool around, and that she should not tell anyone about what he has said to her, all of which is contrary to the form in such case made and provided by IC 35-41-5-1(a); IC 35-42-3.5-1.1(3).

    In the second count of Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor, during the same time period it is believed that Green did knowingly encourages, induce or Cause the same 16 year old female victim to commit an act of delinquency by giving her an item believed to contain marijuana.

    Reports state that the victim’s father called the Randolph County Sheriff Department in February of 2019 to make a report to law enforcement. He stated that his daughter had tested positively for marijuana at her school. Upon further investigation, the father told the officer that his daughter, age 16, had been given an edible cookie by his stepfather who was married to the victim’s grandmother.

    On other numbers occasions Green had made comments to the victim that were of sexual nature. After being approached by Green the victim voiced her disgust in his advances and Green backed off for the time. But not after telling her not to the anyone and threatening her that he would leave her grandmother with no money and she would be forced to leave her home.

    The victims father told the officer that Green had been arrested before for having sex with a minor. He said he had been told this by his mother who also said that Green had packed up and went back to California the morning the family spoke to law enforcement.

    To further gather information, the officer also received consent from the father to search the contents of the victim’s cell phone which included messages back and forth between Green and the victim. The messages contained comments from Green in regards to the victims beauty and his feelings toward her.  In speaking with the officer the victim said that Green would do anything for her, even if she didn’t want him to. She also stated that at times he would tell “dirty jokes.”

    Detective Chad Puterbaugh reported that he was familiar with Green in that he has a prior sex offender conviction and is a registered sex offender. He also stated that when the victim reported the information he left Indiana and is currently listed as a sex offender in California.

    Information submitted states through all the language used by the defendant in his communications with the victim that he implicitly was enticing her to engage in sexual relationship and sexual conduct. It also states that the defendant is engaging in a pattern of conduct sometimes referred to as “grooming” and is trying to entice the alleged victim with the intent of inducing her to engage in sexual conduct.

    Prior criminal records show that Green is a registered sex offender having a conviction for Statutory Sexual Seduction from 2001 in the state of Nevada. He received an indeterminate sentence of 12 to 48 months with a lifetime registry on the sex offender list. He also has a felony conviction for failure to register from 2007 in Nevada.

    In speaking to Smithson the normal process going forward is a warrant would be issued for Green where he could face extradition back to Indiana to face charges. When looking into current sex offenders in Nevada or California there is no listing for a Len Green as a registered sex offender.