Last Sunday April 8 was a beautiful sunny day that gave the community a much needed break from the less favorable snowy and rainy weather we have been having. The day was not so fortunate for Destiny Hubbard and family when the back of their home, on Franklin Street,  caught fire. The fire also caused damage to their neighbors, Carla Albrecht`s home due to the wind and close proximity. Billows of black smoke could be seen pouring from the home and the smell of smoke filled the air. Michael Addington, a kind friend and neighbor called 911, as no one was home in either one of the residents to call themselves. Addington also rescued one of the resident’s dog, Bella, who would have been trapped in the fire if it wasn’t for his brave actions.

    Thankfully, there were no injuries during the fire to people or pets, only moderate structural damage. The Hubbard home suffered quite a bit of damaged with the entire back of their home being burned almost to the ground. The front part of their home and main living quarters is savable, suffering smoke damage. The home of the Albrecht’s suffered damaged to their siding but nothing unrepairable thanks to the fast actions of the local fire departments.

    The Winchester and Farmland fire departments worked together to put the fire out. The situation was hectic with neighbors coming down the street to see what was happening, worrying if anyone was trapped inside. The fire caused quite a scene but the courageous firemen and police office of Randolph County kept the area under control, and reassured others that everyone was in fact out of the home and safe. They set up a perimeter and firmly cautioned all on gazers to stay back. The fire department was there within minutes blasting the fire with water, and because of their speed the homes were saved.