Frozen II

103 minutes | Rated PG

Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven from Disney’s 2013 mega-hit Frozen all return in the new sequel Frozen II. We begin with a flashback where young Elsa and Anna are playing “Enchanted Forest.” Their parents come in to put the girls to bed and the King asks if they would like to hear about a real enchanted forest. The girls are excited and he tells them of his trip to an enchanted forest far to the north that he visited with his father when he was young. His father had given the people of the north the gift of a dam. There was a betrayal and a fierce battle erupted. The king was lost and the girls’ father lost consciousness. Someone he never saw rescued him and upon his return home he became king.  Since then, the forest has been enveloped in an impenetrable mist, guarded by the four elemental spirits.

Back in the present, Elsa has been hearing a strange call. One day, a strong wind and earthquakes ravage the kingdom. After speaking with the leader of the trolls, Elsa realizes that she has awakened the spirits. The kingdom is evacuated and the citizens are left in the care of the trolls, as Elsa heads out for the enchanted forest to the north with her sister Anna, Kristoff, the snowman Olaf, and Sven the reindeer tagging along.

While not quite as good as the original Frozen, the sequel is still a highly entertaining movie. The voice cast from the original all return to voice their characters, the animation is excellent as well. The music is also quite good, even featuring brief returns to “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” and “Reindeer are Better than People.” While good, I doubt that any of the new songs will reach the popularity level of “Let It Go” from the original which seemed to be everywhere after the release of the first Frozen.

Frozen II is rated PG for action, some mildly frightening imagery, and some mildly rude humor. It is suitable for most everyone. I rate it three-and-a-half out of five singing reindeer.