Over 70 Randolph County citizens were welcomed to the Randolph County Live2Lead event along with key Indiana leaders in Randolph County, Indiana

On October 9th,  Randolph County’s Community and Economic Development Corporation hosted the 2nd Annual John Maxwell Live2Lead event. Frank Miller Lumber President/CEO Steve James who is a certified John Maxwell coach was responsible for bringing the Live2Lead event to Randolph County for the 2nd year in a row. James led the task force of Missy Williams, REDC Community Development Director and FML Marketing Director Chelsea Timmerman to bring the live simulcast to Randolph County followed by key Indiana leaders for a panel discussion on the journey of becoming a leader and the challenges that come with it.  The morning opened with inspiring speeches from Steve James and Union City Mayor Chad Spence followed by the live L2L simulcast and after lunch saw a lively panel discussion.

“It is always an honor to represent the City of Sullivan, while participating in candid discussions with fellow Hoosier leaders,” Mayor Clint Lamb stated. “To be a leader, you have to be willing to take on whatever comes your way and you have to inspire a drive for betterment in your own community. Being open with yourself about the struggles that come with leadership helps you achieve realistic and positive change. Being open about this will allow for others to do the same.  We’re excited that we’ve been given the opportunity to present on this and impact communities outside of our own.” 

Rushville Mayor Mike Pavey stated “This was a great day! Being able to meet Winchester Mayor Bob McCoy and serving with these caring and exciting people on the panel was  something we will do again in the future. I love telling our Rushville story but I also love hearing what other cities are doing and how together we can move forward in attracting new residents to rural Indiana cities. We invest in Rushville to attract new residents to our city. New people mean kids for our schools, new homes means new property taxes, investments in our downtown means business for our shops. Great job by Randolph County EDC for putting this day on.”

Other panelists included: Rushville City Manager Brian Sheehan, Union City Mayor Chad Spence and Randolph Educator Becky Kuehl. All participants were given time to talk about their time as leaders and encouraged others to become leaders in their own lives and communities. The panelists were able to offer tips on how to be successful leaders and highlighted the ways in which their own communities have shown leadership within Indiana. These topics were presented to a diverse audience of elected officials, community leaders and citizens from respected communities.  

“Leading and making decisions for a community are often challenging,” Missy Williams, Director of Community Development for Randolph County, states. “Mayor Lamb and all other keynotes speakers understand and know this. Bringing their individual expertise was necessary and educational for all participating in the panel. I respect and admire each and every one of our panelists. They’ve all worked hard to bring jobs and to improve the quality of life to their communities and make amazing changes. They offered great advice to all participants of the 2nd Annual John Maxwell Live2Lead event.”  

This year’s Live2Lead is the second such event taking place in Randolph County. The mission of this educational event is to inspire leadership within communities and prompt partnership among each other. This is done by panelists and speakers who provide advice on leadership, community and management for all participating members. Live2Lead is a nationwide event that is inspired by John Maxwell’s motivational writing on leadership and faith, working to create inspiration for being better leaders in your community. Williams went on to say, “Steve James is instrumental in moving the REDC (Randolph County United) to developing leadership in Randolph County. His involvement as a Live2Lead servant leader is an amazing opportunity for us to learn and grow”. 

While talks and panels from local leaders were in person, talks from nationally recognized speakers, such as John Maxwell’s, were via simulcast. These speakers included: Kat Cole, COO and President of FOCUS Brands; Steve Harvey, Comedian, Businessman and TV Show Host; Alan Mulally, former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airlines; and Greg Groehehel, founder and senior pastor at Life Church. Each speaker offered insight on how they have been able to succeed on a national scale and were able to highlight their tactics for running successful communities.