Yesterday (January 30) the Winchester Police Department received a call that a Green Chevy S-10 Blazer, owned by Melissa Segura, had been reported stolen from the Pak-a-Sak/Subway location in …


The News-Gazette was burglarized overnight on September 6, 2019 and now two Randolph County men are being charged with the crime. On January 10, 2020 Kelley Smithson, Investigator for the Rand…

     Wincheter Police have issued a press release with information regarding an incident that involved a Winchester man and the possible attempt on an Officer’s life. 

Randolph County Y’s 14th Annual Golf Ball Drop & 22nd Annual Y Open Golf Tournament is Sunday, July 12 

What Randolph County high school golfer placed 19th at the state meet in 1998 with a 36-hole total of 164? a) Amanda Puckett, b) Sarah Haviza, c) Vickie Van Pelt, d) Sarah (Rasso) Black

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To add/change your meeting, send an email to:

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IHAP®’s goal is to assess the progress of the whole person health journey for each participant. The program accomplishes this by establishing realistic goals and looking at the impact on and improvements to the participant. IHAP also seeks to measure and quantify these improvements, and continually look at the sustainability the changes the participant is making. This process documents the in-depth communication among the IHAP® team, the participants and their health care providers ... this testimonial was provided by a current IHAP participant.