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Randolph County, Indiana - December 9, 2019 - Country View Valley Farms, an affiliate of Clemens Food Group, announced today that it has purchased Sow and Grow out Operations in Indiana as well as the supporting contract Sow Production in North Carolina from Maxwell Farms LLC, a subsidiary of Goldsboro Milling Company, and its affiliates. The purchase will increase hog production and streamline Country View Family Farms operations in the Midwest enabling Clemens Food Group to continue growth at its Coldwater, MI facility which was built in 2017.

The acquisition is the largest in the Clemens organization’s 125 year history. Not only does it significantly increase hog production it also adds feed milling to the organization’s vertically coordinated business model, which includes transportation and pork processing.

Country View Family Farms and Maxwell Farms are two privately held family companies rooted in similar core values. This acquisition is beneficial to the future growth of both organizations which have been working together for many years.

Bob Ruth, President of Country View Family Farms commented “I am very excited about the future of Country View Family Farms and our ability to make an impact on animal welfare and herd health practices throughout Indiana with this acquisition. This is in alignment with our overall vision and commitments to our customers, comtnunity, and environment. We are excited to now be a larger part of the Indiana community which is rich in agriculture and we strive to continue to support their efforts for a sustainable future.”