Pet owners near Parker City may have noticed a few changes lately at Parker Veterinary Service. They need not worry though as Dr. Daniel Hendrickson plans to continue the legacy that Dr. Kenneth Stites began nearly 50 years ago providing the same loving care to local pets as his predecessor as well as expanding and improving many of the services that they provide. “We strive to provide the best quality care possible at affordable prices,” states his wife Telynda.

Over the years, Dr. Stites had numerous partners in his practice, in his small office next door to H & R Block on Highway 32, one of these was Daniel’s uncle, long-time area veterinarian Dr. Dale Hendrickson, who retired and turned the large swine operation South of Parker City over to his nephew about 5 years ago. Dr. Stites found it quite fitting that Daniel would be the one to buy his practice, as the Hendrickson family has practiced veterinary medicine in the area for decades.

Hendrickson likes to keep things local. “All of our staff live within twenty miles of the office,” says Telynda. “We also try to support the community by buying our supplies as locally as possible,” she adds.

As one enters the new office, just down the street, next door to the City Building, you can’t help but notice the numerous photos of dogs and cats decorating the walls. “We had a photo contest for some of our clients,” she explains. “This was our winner,” she says gesturing to a photo of a Dalmation sitting on a firetruck. “We try to keep things as calm and quiet to keep things as stress-free as possible for the animals,” she adds noting that they have separate kennel areas for dogs and cats who are recovering from surgery or other treatments. “We also have rooms so that we can isolate any aggressive animals that are brought in,” she notes. 

“We are a ‘walk-in’ clinic dealing with primarily dogs and cats. We also take appointments. We have treated other small mammals, like rabbits and hamsters, in emergency situations, but we focus on dogs and cats. If you have something a bit more exotic, say a bird or a reptile, we’ll gladly refer you to someone who can provide treatment for your pet,” She continues.

“We have two exam rooms and are equipped to do full dental exams as well. We also have an on-site lab where we can do blood work. Most local practices have to send their blood work to a lab and wait for the results to be sent back to them,” she explains. “We are very open and allow owners to remain with their pets for as much of the visit as possible,” she goes on. “Another service that people may not be aware of is our private crematorium operated by a retired EMT who is very passionate and takes great care in his work, staying with the remains throughout the process and ensuring that they are returned to the owner,” she adds.

Parker Veterinary Service is also progressing into the digital age. The practice has converted all of its records over to a digital format. Within the next few weeks pet owners will be able to use “Care Credit” to pay for their pet’s treatments. The practice will also have an online store where clients can order medicine and supplies and have them shipped directly to their homes. “We also have a huge following on Facebook,” noted Hendrickson.

As I continued my visit, I was introduced to two of the Veterinarians on staff. Dr. Maggie Thornburg has 27 years experience and has a real talent for dealing with cats. “Cats respond well to her,” explains Hendrickson. The practice recently added Dr. Lindsey Pritchard to their staff. She greeted me saying, “I would shake your hand, but I’ve got honey on mine.” She was trying to save a kitten that had been found in a shed earlier that cold morning by some workers who brought it in to the office. “I’m feeding her honey and keeping her warm. Hopefully, she’ll pull through,” she commented.

“We would like to thank the community for their support and for helping to make the transition go as smoothly as possible,” says Hendrickson. “We hope to continue the legacy of Dr. Stites by providing the best possible care for area pets at a very reasonable rate,” she adds. Parker Veterinary Service has an extremely compassionate, caring, and knowledgable  staff. Area pet owners can rest assured that their furry little friends will receive the best of care in their more than capable hands.