The Winchester City Council met on Monday evening.

The Winchester City Council had a productive meeting on Monday with several topics discussed. Following the customary “Pledge of Allegiance,” a moment of silence, and the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting, the council got down to the business at hand.

The first topic was an update on the annexation of Willow Ridge for a housing development project. The project has hit a delay as Indiana Water Company wants them to run a waterline from the project site to the National Guard Armory. This would add $150,000 to the project. They asked for a continuance until the August meeting.

Mike Myers, of Reliance Power Parts in Lynn, was on hand to request assistance in expenses incurred for relocating the business to the Towne Square Community Center where the SilverTowne Call Center was previously located. The business currently employs 15 but has plans to add 2 positions in their sales/customer service division. As Reliance has been a successful company in Lynn for 48 years, it was decided by the Council that this would be a good investment. This would also retain those jobs within Randolph County and provide new employment opportunities. It was decided that they would provide a reimbursement and would table the matter until the next meeting to decide upon details.

Judge James Fry was present to provide the Council with an update on the situation with the City Courts. In order to reduce the work load on employees, the Winchester City Court has recently decided to only handle cases from Winchester. Union City has agreed to take on the other cases. Fry provided details as to how this change over is progressing.

Some traffic concerns were addressed. A request to vacate an alley near 505 West South Street was discussed and tabled until the next meeting to give council members time to look at the area. The possibility of placing a four-way stop sign at the intersection of Meridian and Third Streets was discussed. It was brought up that the intersection with Main Street might be a better location for the stop sign as there have been several accidents at that location. It would slow traffic at the intersection with Meridian Street as well. The Council decided to table the matter until the next meeting to allow for further investigation.

A group of concerned citizens attended to voice their concerns about one of their neighbors making loud noise at all hours of the night and having several dogs living on the property. Several police calls have been made to the address over the last year. Police Chief Jon Reed listened to their concerns and assured them that the Police Department would do all that they could within the bounds of the law to address their concerns.

Mayor Bob McCoy brought up the topic of several campers, that people are living in, that have recently sprung up in the area. He suggested drafting an ordinance to keep this from getting out of hand. He also informed the Council of a new food service business that was considering locating in Winchester. The business would build a new facility, have 20 full-time employees, and 10 part-time employees. It was decided to table the matter until more details were provided.

Before the meeting closed Mayor McCoy asked the department heads to prepare their budget requests for the next meeting as the budget for 2022 will be discussed.

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