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What office are you seeking and why?

Ridgeville Clerk Treasurer.

What is your personal/professional/governmental experience, and how does that make you the most-qualified candidate?

Well this is my 34th year as Clerk Treasurer, I love my job. We have wonderful people that live in Ridgeville. I totally support our Fire Department, Police Department and utility workers. All of our businesses are very supportive. Every four years we have new council members and 90% come in with their own Agenda, not realizing that personal agendas are not always good for our community.

What is one issue you would like to address if elected? How would you address it?

The liability that we face is one of the most challenging we have. You can’t just do what you want. The one issue I would address is the Liability and what the law puts down, most folks do not understand this. We have to apply for grants all the time. We could not do the projects we do without the grants. The monies we receive from the state is based on population, 833 was our last census. It is very difficult to manage your town. When I came in office we had 6 funds in the red, it took us 4 years to get them out. We have never been since. 

If you had $500,000 in grant money and could spend it on whatever you think would improve your city, what would you do?

I would continue to upgrade our water and sewer systems.