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Charles L. Mcquitty

Press Release 9/17/2019

    On September 16th, 2019, at approximately 12:19 AM, a fire was reported to Randolph County dispatch.  The fire was reported to be at 400 Lone Oak Drive in Farmland, Indiana.  Randolph County Dispatch sent Farmland Fire Department to the fire and Parker Fire Department was then requested to assist them. After the fire was extinguished, Farmland Fire Chief Joe Bertram requested the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s office be contacted to investigate a suspicious fire. Randolph County Sheriff’s Department had received information that the resident was considering burning the house in an attempt to collect insurance monies to pay off debts.

    Later that day, Charles L. Mcquitty, age 67, of 400 Lone Oak Drive in Farmland was interviewed in regards to the case. During the interview, McQuitty admitted his involvement in starting the fire in an attempt to collect insurance monies. Charles L. McQuitty was charged with the following offense;

    35-43-1-1(a)(2) Arson defined as: A Person who by means of fire, explosive or destructive device, knowingly or intentionally damages property of any person that endangers human life, commits arson.

    Approximately 15 firefighters were summonsed to the scene who’s life was put in a dangerous situation by an intentional act. Arson under those circumstances is a level 4 Felony. McQuitty was booked into Randolph County Jail and held under a $12,000 bond.  His bond was posted at 3:45 PM on 9/16/19 and he was released until his initial court date. A book in photo of McQuitty is attached.