101 The Para Café in Winchester, Indiana, owned by Rowana Ray, will be one of the featured locations on Season 3 of the Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown. The Amazon Prime original program is hosted by Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell and filmed overnight on April 28, 2018 at the Para Café.

    The show premiered as a new original series on October 31, 2017 and is a non-staged, non-scripted program with no camera tricks, just real paranormal investigations following Kelly and Purcell as they investigate haunted asylums, jails, battlefields, and museums along with many other locations around the country.

    Kelly and Purcell look for the most haunted locations in the United States to investigate and collect evidence using video, photography, and EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon). They specifically work to debunk so-called hauntings and to collect the data needed to prove whether or not the locations they visit are truly haunted or not. Their investigative process combined with Purcell’s research into the history of the locations, the team’s scientific methods, and completely unscripted format make the program stand out amid the plethora of seemingly similar shows that have gained in popularity in recent years.

    This paranormal team, made up of Kelly and Purcell, is based out of Paducah, Kentucky. They have no big camera crews, no entourage, and a no-nonsense approach that allow them to create a unique program that is uncensored and raw. Filming at the Para Cafe was done by Kelly with help from DeWaine West and Tanya LaForce, both of whom are part of the Paranormal Research Unit in Muncie which conducts investigations of its own.

    Kelly and Purcell, who have been friend for years and are now engaged to be married, initially got into the paranormal investigations after a fire and the subsequent renovations Purcell’s house had “opened something up,” according to Purcell. Unexplainable experiences led to a conclusion that the house must be haunted.

    Kelly, upon hearing of the happenings at Purcell’s, contacted Aaron Goodwin of the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures who told him, “Do what we do.” With advice from Goodwin about equipment he would need and how to begin, Kelly and Purcell set out to discover what was going on in Purcell’s home. Kelly’s film of that first investigation which he posted on YouTube caught the attention of a producer who was intrigued by their style of investigating, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. They are now working on their third season for Amazon Prime.

    Ray says she did not believe in the paranormal until she had a very personal confrontation of her own. She got involved with the paranormal community and has searched for answers since her own encounter with the unknown. She hopes that opening her café to the investigation will allow some others to gain some knowledge about the paranormal world.

 The Para Café was built in 1858 and was originally a drug store. As Ray works on renovating the building, she continues to make interesting historical finds, such as a hidden room with a peephole and evidence of a barber/dentist on site. There was a speakeasy on the premises at one point.

There have been numerous unexplained experiences at the café. A previous owner saw a Confederate soldier in the building, and Ray herself has had experiences in the café since she purchased it. Bar stools have moved from where she had them set, and she has heard a voice respond when she asked if anyone was there. She has also seen an apparition on the third floor. During Ray’s walkthrough of the Para Café, the Paranormal Journey film crew and this reporter experienced some difficulties with focus on the cameras for still photography, but only in the basement.

The Para Café will be one of the episodes in the third season of the Paranormal Journey on Amazon Prime airing next year.  Other location features will be the Poasttown Elementary School in Middletown, OH, Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio and the Wavery Hills Sanitorium in Kentucky. Filming for the third season continues and will include twelve episodes.

Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown will have a Red Carpet Premiere and VIP dinner in celebration of the release of Season 2 this coming October.  They will be holding a contest throughout the month of May. Winners will get to go to the VIP Dinner and enjoy a private screening of the first episode for Season 2 a walkthrough and mini investigation at one of the Season 2 locations. To join the contest, check out Paranormal Journey’s Facebook page to answer a weekly question about the hosts or Season 1 of the show.