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OVG ties for first, Wick’s Pies slices into the lead after two events

    It is no surprise that Ardaugh fared will in the Corporate Challenge Euchre event. Ardaugh always does.

    Led by Doyle Allen and Dean Moland’s first place finish, Ardaugh tied for the top spot with Ohio Valley Gas in the second event of this year’s Randolph County YMCA’s summer competitive jubilee.

    Allen was on fire with the cards, collecting an event-leading six loners.

    It took all that Allen and Moland could muster, however, to edge Lisa and Nick Hess of Wick’s Pies, 112-111. Nikki Cox and Dorrey McCoy took the third spot with 106 points.

    Ardaugh’s first place performance was assisted by three other sets of partners who scored points by finishing in the top 15.

    Ohio Valley Gas ganged up with six teams who scored in the event. Conan and Kathy Wallace led OVG’s contingent in sixth place.

    Wick’s Pies finished in third place with three sets of partners placing in the top 15.

    After two events, Wick’s Pies, Inc. has a slight lead overall with 29 points. Ohio Valley Gas Corporation is second with 28 points and Ardaugh and Randolph County YMCA are tied for third with 26 points.

    Next up is the Table Tennis singles event which is Tuesday at the YMCA.

Randolph County YMCA

2019 Corporate Challenge Results

Euchre Results

Most Lones: Ardagh – Doyle Allen (6)

1st place 15 pts      Ardagh #2 – Doyle Allen & Dean Moland (112 pts)

2nd place 14 pts     Wick’s Pies #1 – Lisa & Nick Hess (111 pts)

3rd place 13 pts     Silver Towne – Nikki Cox & Dorrey McCoy (106 pts)

4th place 12 pts     Ardagh #4 – Levi Fuller & Mike Pitman (103 pts)

5th place 11 pts     Ardagh #1 – Gary Fulk & Vernon Smith (99 pts)

6th place 10 pts     OVG #6 – Conan & Kathy Wallace (98 pts)

7th place   9 pts     YMCA – Tom Byrum & Mark Macy (97 pts)

8th place   8 pts     Wick’s Pies #5 – Ernie & Rob Kelly (95 pts)

9th place   7 pts     OVG #7 – Rick Simmons & Aaron Wallace (94 pts)

10th place 6 pts     OVG #5 – Ron Salkie & Scott Williams (93 pts)

11th place 5 pts     OVG #4 – Lora & Pat Ward (92 pts)

12th place 4 pts     OVG #1 – Tamara Barnes & Rory Helms (90 pts)

13th place 3 pts     Ardagh #3 – Hayleigh Fuller & Josh Fuller (88 pts)

14th place 2 pts     OVG #3 – Kathy Jessup & Jerry Klinker (80 pts)

15th place 1 pt       Wick’s Pies #6 – Derek & Morgan Jessup (79 pts)

Overall Points Won in Euchre Event

1st place 15 pts      Ardagh (41 pts)

1st place 15 pts (14 pts + Bonus pt) Ohio Valley Gas (34 pts)

3rd place 14 pts (13 pts + Bonus pt) Wick’s Pies (23 pts)

4th place 12 pts     Silver Towne L.P. (13 pts)

5th place 11 pts     Randolph County Y (9 pts)

Current Standings

1st place 29 pts      Wick’s Pies INC

2nd place 28 pts     Ohio Valley Gas Corporation

3rd place 26 pts     Ardagh Group

3rd place 26 pts     Randolph County Y

5th place 22 pts     Silver Towne L.P.

6th place 12 pts     Frank Miller Lumber Company