The excellent weather Friday evening provided the nearly perfect backdrop to spend an evening enjoying all that Winchester’s Goodrich Park has to offer. It was bit too chilly to enjoy the park’s swimming pool, but everything else was game. Children enjoyed playing on the playground equipment while their parents relaxed nearby. A team of young ladies and their coaches and parents were enjoying softball practice at the little league diamond, and the Summer 2019 series of free concerts kicked off at the park’s amphitheater.

    Scott Siefferman began the evening taking the stage with his guitar at 6:30 PM. Siefferman is well known to those in the Richmond area where he frequently plays solo or with the bands PureGrain and Peppertown at such venues as Little Sheba’s and Firehouse BBQ & Blues. He entertained the gathering crowd for about an hour with a variety of music including hits such as “Wonder Wall” by Oasis, and original songs such as “Sing Something You Know.”

    After a short break to set up their equipment, the music continued as Cambridge City’s own Sean Lamb and his band took the stage to entertain the enthusiastic crowd. Lamb, a fan of classic rock and outlaw country did not disappoint. “I have the only copy of the set list that I prepared, and I don’t always stick to it. So it’s sometimes a surprise to the band what the next song is,” he said. There was quite a variety of music played by the band, everything from hits by the likes of the Eagles and Tom Petty to songs from Aretha Franklin, Pink Floyd, and Johnny Cash. It seemed as if there were few if any songs that they could not perform. As the sun sank into the evening sky, the temperature began to dip. The talented band continued to entertain for over two hours without a break. A great start to what will hopefully be a series of excellent free concerts for area fans of live music to enjoy.

    The series continues at 6:30 PM Friday, June 28 with Backdraft opening for the Corey Cox Band who have played shows in Las Vegas and opened for performers including Toby Kieth.