Bad Boys for Life

124 minutes | Rated R

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence bring their Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett first seen in 1995’s “Bad Boys” back to the big screen in “Bad Boys for Life” for the first time since 2003’s “Bad Boys II.” The new film opens with the detectives speeding through the streets of Miami in a blue Porsche. We assume they are involved in a high speed car chase. As it turns out, they are on their way to the hospital for the birth of Marcus’ first grandchild. The birth of his grandchild has gotten Marcus thinking about retiring from the force.

Mike is against his partner retiring, and challenges him to a footrace. If Marcus wins, he can retire. We cut to a Mexican prison as a female prisoner makes an escape. She gives her son a list of people to kill and sends him to Miami. During the footrace, a black-clad motorcyclist shoots Mike. Marcus stays by the side of his partner as he recovers. 

Isabel, the escaped prisoner, is furious with her son. She wants Mike to be the last on her list, as she wants him to suffer. Her son, Armando has been killing the others on her list.  Joe Pantoliano returns as Captain Howard he and the rest of the Miami PD realize that the man who shot Mike is the same one who has killed these men and vow to catch this killer. They begin to discover the link between the victims. They assign this task to a unit of young recruits under the command of Rita. Mike recovers and insists on helping to find the man who put a bullet in him. Marcus sees that there is something of a connection between Rita and Mike, although Mike doesn’t see it. Marcus begins asking Mike about his love-life. Mike, a bachellor, says that he has only been in love once. 

The young special unit, consists of Charles Melton as Rafe, Alexander Ludwig as Dorn, and Vanessa Hudgens as Kelly. This unit uses the latest technology and methods in their crime-fighting. This brings a bit of a conflict between the youngsters and the more “old school” approach of Lowrey and Burnett as they investigate this case. Who is Isabel, and why does she want Mike to suffer so much? 

“Bad Boys for Life” is a highly entertaining, action filled movie. Although Smith and Lawrence are aging, they can still pull off the action scenes. Their chemistry is what drives the film and makes the movie so enjoyable. The rest of the cast also does a great job. The action is great, and the story is engaging.

“Bad Boys for Life” is rated R for language, violence, action, and some sexual references, it is suitable for most older teens and up. I rate it four out of five scratched Porsches.