Randolph Southern Rebels


12th GRADE 

Matt Fox has been chosen as R.S. senior student of the month for August. Matt is completing his senior year virtually. Even as a virtual student you can still count on Matt to participate and be humorous in class. Matt has made the transition from in-class to virtual look easy. He has done a fantastic job of making sure he is present for class via Google Meet and completing his work on time. Matt has also been beyond helpful in giving me feedback on what works and does not work for a virtual student. He is most excited about graduating and being done with high school. His future plans are to get a degree in mechanical engineering. With his humor, work ethic, and enthusiastic attitude he will go far. Have a great senior year Matt; I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with your future.

Selected by

Mrs. Brittany Cash


11th GRADE 

Colleen Ledbetter has been chosen as the junior student of the month. You can always count on Colleen to participate in classroom discussion, especially when someone brings up the environment. Her passion and dedication to protecting the Earth is admirable. This year, Colleen is attending the Richmond Career Center for the automotive technician program. Colleen is active in the RS FFA chapter, where she competes in several different contesting events and is also active in many service projects. She is also a member of the volleyball, basketball, and archery teams. After high school Colleen plans to pursue a career in agriculture. Keep up the great work, Colleen!

Selected by

Mrs. Shianna Fry


Mason Wolfal has been chosen as Randolph Southern’s freshman student of the month for August. Mason has done a fantastic job transitioning from middle school to high school. He is doing great work so far, and I look forward to watching him excel. I especially appreciate his willingness to participate in class. He is friendly, hard working, curious, and eager to learn. Mason’s strong work ethic and his determination to succeed will help him as he makes his way through high school and beyond. Have a fabulous year, Mason!

Selected by

Mrs. Sarah Reed


C.J. Albertson has been selected as the Randolph Southern eighth grade student of the month. C.J. is hard working and is great at following directions. He is also friendly and considerate. In his free time, C.J. likes to collect and play old and new video games. After high school C.J. would like to go to college for game design. I am excited to see what the future holds for C.J. and wish him the best!

Selected by

Ms. Lauren Day



Ted Jordan and Jackson Wolfal have been selected as the seventh grade students of the month. They are both completing the school year virtually and doing a great job keeping up on all their work. They are both hard working individuals who have easy going personalities. Both Ted and Jackson can be counted on to participate in class and ask questions when something is confusing. I have enjoyed working with both boys these last few weeks and I am excited to see what each will accomplish in the future.

Selected by

Mrs. Chelsea Pruitt