Luzy Corona (left) and Shadaisy Smith of Union City High School enjoyed the prom last year as juniors, but it’s looking more and more unlikely they will be able to attend the prom for their senior years.

Shadaisy Smith summed up what many Randolph County high school seniors are feeling about being unable to attend school, perhaps for all of the final weeks of their grade school days. 

“This (stinks),” Shadaisy proclaimed succinctly. “This was the year we were ALL looking forward to and it was supposed to be the best year yet. Here we are, playing the wait game in fear to see what happens.” 

For a group of seniors who entered the world in the same year as devastating attacks by terrorists on the United States, they will finish their senior year of high school most likely essentially confined to their homes because of a deadly virus that is sweeping the globe. 

There is no question that most students enjoy occasionally missing school because of the weather, or getting to sleep in a bit extra because school is delayed for a couple of hours. The seemingly contagious affliction picked up by high school seniors, known to most as “senioritis” is certainly prevalent among a group of almost grown ups anxious to leave school behind to pursue more adult ambitions. 

But few of them want the rite of passage to happen this way. There’s too much to lose. 

“We all looked forward to prom, getting our hair and makeup done, going out to eat and taking pictures with our friends and having one of the best nights. We all looked forward to baseball, softball and track seasons, whether we are an athlete playing or simply just a fan supporting our friends,” Shadaisy wrote on her social media page. 

“I looked forward to the art show, making pieces of art constantly throughout the year, in preparation for it. We all just looked forward to making memories with everyone before we all go our own ways, whether it be going to eat, having bonfires, having late night trips to Walmart, and we can’t do any of that.” 

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb on Friday, March 19 ordered that all Indiana schools to remain closed until May 1, extending the April 13 closure dates previously decided by Randolph County school and health officials. He didn’t rule out returning to school after May 1, but suggested it is not likely. 

Extending the closings for the rest of the year would most certainly mean canceling many special life events that Shadaisy and other seniors were eagerly anticipating. Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more like that will happen. 

“We aren’t trying to throw a pity party for ourselves, but senior year is one of the big things in our life and it has been robbed from us. We didn’t think we’d EVER crave this much to go back to school. This just (stinks)!”