Last year was the first time in 47 years that the Art Association of Randolph Co. did not hold their annual art show for Randolph County students.

This year, the AARC went into the schools to give awards for art.

Participating were:

- Monroe Central, teacher Kristina Smiley, judged by Raini Brocken (resident artist in Union City) and local artist Abby Wagner.

- Randolph Eastern, teacher Amy Marker, judged by Raini Brocken 

 and local artist Lawrence Sexton.

- Randolph Southern, teacher Justin Walker, judged by Raini Brocken.

Ribbons and certificates were presented and every student participating in the competition received a package of art supplies. 

Best of Show winners were: Julia Smith, Monroe Central; Lindsey Garrett, Randolph Eastern; Piper Blade, Randolph Southern.

The money for the art supplies was provided by a grant from the Community Foundation of Randolph County. The art can be viewed over Facebook at “Arts Depot home of the A.A.R.C.” page and on Instagram at “arts_depot”.

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