After being dismissed by many doctors who said nothing was wrong Adina Martin grew frustrated with the constant whooshing pulsing sound in her ear. She found a Facebook group of people with similar problems and through their support was able to find the doctor that would solve her problem.

#Heartbeat #PulsatileTinnitus #Misdiagnosed #Health

00:00 Introduction

00:16 What is tinnitus?

01:29 Phone recording

01:35 Doctor visits

02:51 Dr. Patsalides

03:24 Venous Sinus Stenosis

04:08 Procedure

04:30 Post surgery

Misdiagnosed features stories from real women who have had their medical symptoms dismissed or wrongly diagnosed.

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The Heartbeat In My Ear Turned Out To Be Pulsatile Tinnitus | #Misdiagnosed | Health