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IHAP®’s goal is to assess the progress of the whole person health journey for each participant. The program accomplishes this by establishing realistic goals and looking at the impact on and improvements to the participant. IHAP also seeks to measure and quantify these improvements, and continually look at the sustainability the changes the participant is making. This process documents the in-depth communication among the IHAP® team, the participants and their health care providers ... this testimonial was provided by a current IHAP participant.

I became involved with the Integrated Health Advocacy Program® at a time when I was having lower back and severe sciatic nerve pain. I had been doing physical therapy for over six months and had seen chiropractors, a pain specialist and an osteopathic doctor, and was meeting with a neurosurgeon preparing to have back surgery. I had started to gain weight because I couldn’t exercise the way I used to and I was becoming a little discouraged because there seemed to be little hope in reducing the pain without surgery.

IHAP has brought my health and quality of life back to better than it was before the sciatic nerve pain began. The program’s Transition Summary Plan has made a phenomenal impact on how I eat, exercise and sleep, and the holistic approach has helped reduce stress and has just overall improved my quality of life. The food diary really helped me to see how much sugar I was eating and how it affected my sleep habits. Monitoring blood pressure daily has helped me to see how the effects of my weight loss helped reduce my blood pressure, and water aerobic exercises along with massage therapy just put my whole body and mind at peace. When I took the Transition Plan Summary into my family physician to setup tests and follow appointments, she was ecstatic and said, ‘finally companies are starting to believe in preventative medicine.’

The IHAP team is very well-rounded and a pleasure to work with. You can feel their genuine concern as they try to understand your health issues and work with you to obtain a resolution to your problems. They each took time to cover their areas of expertise as they gave me a comprehensive review of my medical history, and they made sure I was comfortable with the plan and that is was something I could follow through with and complete at my own pace. I feel very blessed to have this team helping me to maintain and improve my physical, mental and spiritual health.

I would highly recommend IHAP to anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Integrated Health Advocacy Program.

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